30-Day Sprints

30-Day Sprints

Hi, Friends!

I hope you’ve had a marvelous week.

Quick Update

I used to post my blog regularly on Sundays. My chronic health conditions were more intense than usual for over a month, followed by a cold after Thanksgiving and then a virus. I worked full-time for a training class last week. I don’t know if I have a “new normal” to deal with health-wise or if I can return to my routine. My day job should become routine again.

My goal is to have a day you can count on my new blog post. I’d also like spontaneous posts as I share what I’m learning throughout the week.

I will plunge ahead, and we’ll see what happens together. Soon, I should know what’s going on personally. Until then, I’ll do my best to stay in touch and email you when I have a new blog post.

I appreciate your patience as we plunge ahead!

Dean Holland’s Pro-Coaching Nov 2023

I want to share the mentorship I received from Dean last Wednesday.

Each month, we get together in a small group. He teaches a lesson, and then we get to ask him questions. This month, there were under 15 of us there. So nice!

First, he reviewed what he calls 30-Day Sprints. This is what we should be doing in our business, and we will have success as a result. It’s guaranteed. You cannot NOT make progress if you do these things:

1. Block out the time you will spend on your business each week. 

You need at least 7 hours to make progress. Dean is a big proponent of the idea that if you tune in with laser-like focus and do the right things, you can move your business forward in just one hour a day. Of course, doing more is ideal, but if you’re limited, shoot for at least seven hours. 

This means having a calendar with a way to view the hours in a day or charting your day yourself.




2. Next, you’ll need to keep that appointment.

You should think of your business as a job you have to show up to. You have to do the work. You have to be focused and block everything else out. That’s where “laser-like” focus comes in. Just for that period, block everything else and work wholeheartedly.

I imagine I’m a workman who has a hard hat with the light bulb shining. I can only see what I am working on. I was surprised how much that helped me move things forward.

If life gets in the way, try to reschedule so that you complete at least seven hours of work.

Treat your business with the seriousness it deserves. Not, “It would be nice,” but commit to your dreams.

That being said, there will be times when life gets in the way.

I think it’s helpful to think of what instances you won’t work.

I know I must rest if my health acts up in specific ways. If I work extra hours, I know my business will take a back seat. If family, blah, blah, blah, etc.

Then, when I don’t want to work because I want to watch Law & Order, I can say no easily. It’s not one of my allowed excuses at that moment.

In that instance, I don’t have to choose to do what I “should” do. I already know my answer.

Spend some time considering what excuses will be acceptable.

3. Fill out your tracker sheet daily.

  • I keep track of how many clicks I get to my co-branded funnel page
  • I count leads as an email received from a new subscriber
  • money earned
  • the amount spent on ads

You can build a spreadsheet to determine percentages. I can go over that another time if you’d like.

I think it’s essential to keep track of your progress to know what efforts are working and where you need to focus on improvement.

For example, if your results in these instances are all zero, you know you need to concentrate on traffic. In other cases, the tracker will point you towards follow-up, etc.

4. Feedback

Have a mentor you trust in your life you can show your tracker and get advice from. You need someone in your life to guide you. It will make progress faster and keep you on the right track.

Consistency Today

Stay committed and consistent.

My question for Dean on this topic was, “How do you convince yourself your daily tasks matter?”

He said to keep an eye on the big picture. I may only answer four Quora questions and have so many views over the day, but that adds up.
I bought a habit tracker for $5.99 to track my business habits so I can see at a glance that my efforts are consistent and paying off. I needed that visual.

(Just so you know, I’m not an affiliate. It has thick paper; it’s inexpensive; it has a few designs and erases well when need be.)

Doing it for 30 days is tough. Doing 30 days at a time over the year is a stunning accomplishment!

But that stunning achievement is accomplished by simply spending that scheduled time focused on the right things today.

I’ve noticed that the longer I stay off track, the harder it is to begin again.


I know I’m not going to work every day. My health won’t allow it. I feel great for a week and think I will be healthy forever. And then, when it acts up again, I feel defeated and ashamed.

You guys, now that I’m talking to you in the blog and emails, I’ve been embarrassed to be off track.

I’m just going to have to accept it will happen.

After all, my goal is to share that money can be made online and it can be made even if you have health problems. I want to give hope to those in situations where this online space is where you need to make money.

I’ll share the nitty gritty of my experience, and I won’t hold back because my health has interrupted me.

That’s my commitment to you.

Question: Do you think it’s simplistic to think you can progress incrementally by working on traffic, follow-up, capturing emails, and making offers at least seven hours a week?

I’m interested because I have complete faith in the idea. What do you think?

26 thoughts on “30-Day Sprints”

  1. Hi Nakina,
    Thanks for your post! I definitively believe it’s possible to get and increase your results working 7hours per week. However, as beginner in affiliate marketing working full time on a day job, what I found the most difficult is to keep the discipline to work on your business along the way. These days, it’s too easy to drop in the procrastination pitfalls of all those online distractions that keep us away from our duties. But the most difficult in my case is that the time you get on your business is less time you have to spend with your family and friends. I need to learn how to free up time, working more efficiently on my tasks. This is where your tips come in handy and are so useful! Thank you!

    1. Oh, I’m glad you found them helpful! I agree; it’s hard to forego family time especially when it is so prized.

      Working smarter makes my sacrifice easier. When I’m confident in the effectiveness of what I’m doing, I feel more confident that what I’m doing is beneficial for my family.

      And, I’m learning from Sophie to work within my limits. I spend the time I’m working on my business on my business and then the other time I have for my family. That family time doesn’t get compromised. That can feel like a tug of war at first, but once I accept those time constraints, I can give my whole heart to each of them when their time comes.

      I hope that makes sense.

      Thank you for your encouragement, Martin! Best of luck to you in your business!

  2. Hi Nakina,

    Great post and more importantly, great questions everybody should ask themselves!

    Mom used to say (contrary to many): “you can have everything in life — just not all at the same time!”

    Your humility definitely comes across but more importantly, your determination to reach the success you’re striving for!

    Wishing you all the best & looking forward to reading about your journey.

    1. Hi, Marc! I love your Mom’s saying. That makes me think of a delicious breakfast moms would make. You can have biscuits and gravy, pancakes, eggs and bacon, and French toast for breakfast – just not all simultaneously!

      It is 5 AM, and I am ready to eat! Lol!

      Somehow that image helps me to understand the value of settling down to one task at a time. I have trouble thinking many steps ahead of what needs to be done next. This gets stressful. I want to get to the point where I settle down and enjoy doing one task at a time without the mental rush I’ve currently got going on.

      Your mom’s saying is very helpful for that! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi Nakina,

    What a post. I loved it.. I truly believe any time you have to work on your business is much better than nothing at all. I must learn more about this 30 day sprint. I look forward to following you and seeing the post you send out.
    Sandy Misiph recently posted…My First PostMy Profile

  4. Hey Nakina, I liked all the positive things you mentioned in your post.
    It’s all about positive mindset and focus. That said, the balls in your court because you can control mindset & focus 100%. Oh, that goes for your health too by never feeling defeated or ashamed it’s the bad negative energy mindset that needs to be pushed out every day, day-by-day.
    Here’s a tip, I want you to go to YT and watch this YT video everyday for 30-days. Earl Nightingale – “The Strangest Secret In The World” then hit
    me back and update me okay.
    James Coe recently posted…My Journey Starts Today!My Profile

    1. Hi, James! I have watched that video. I’m a big fan of Marcus Aurelius myself. The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. I am very open with the challenges I face. That is very important for my blog, where I track my progress. But, I’m very focused on overcoming and making the best of the challenges.

      My mission, as it were, is to share that even with great health and emotional challenges, we can make substantial income online with affiliate marketing.

      Thank you for your thoughts!

  5. Nakina,

    I look forward to following your progress through those 30 day sprints.

    There are many like you – taking health issues in stride.

    I believe you will be an inspiration to any of your readers with health issues and especially for those that want to make money online.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Hello World!My Profile

    1. Thanks, Robert! I hope so. Health can make life so difficult, but I believe we are born to be glad. I’d love to be able to help others take the challenges in stride and be able to enjoy the day with less cares and worries.

  6. Hi Nakina, I read your ’30-Day Sprints’ post and was inspired by your commitment to focused, consistent work. The way you’ve balanced personal challenges while maintaining a structured work schedule is commendable. Your emphasis on tracking progress and the role of mentorship resonates with me. It’s a great reminder of the power of setting specific goals and dedicating time each week to achieve them. I admire your approach and look forward to implementing similar strategies in my own journey.

    1. Hi, CJ! I’m glad I could help. I’ve learned some really great goal setting techniques this week that I’ll be sharing in a blog post soon. Not the normal stuff! I get overwhelmed easily and these tips helped me to stay productive this week. Will share soon. Cheers!

  7. Nakina, your story resonates a lot with mine regarding your Mother-in-law and health issues. Your positivity is great and I can’t wait to see how you get on, on your way to building a business you can operate from home!. I wish you all the success in the world. Atif

  8. Wow, what a really helpful blog, thanks. I like the image of the workman with his torch helping him focus, losing focus is my biggest vice.

    L look forward to reading more in the weeks to come.

    1. Thanks, Tony! Focus is a tough thing. I definitely feel like I’m missing out on all I could be doing when I zero in on one business task. Even when I’m working on the business, my mind is wandering to what else I need to be doing. That image of the light shining on my work helps me focus somehow. Maybe it dims the noise! Oh, silly tidbit! I actually started using earplugs to help me focus when I’m really not focusing well. Sounds crazy, I know! What can I say, it helps!

  9. Nakina,

    Where I come from they call them 30 day mad man cycles. This is where head down and block out all distractions for 30 days at a time and just focus on the goals you want to achieve in that 30 day time period.

    It defiantly help with being consistent.
    You got this!

    1. Thanks, CJ! I like that idea. A mad man cycle…. I think of one of those professors who are a bit of a mad scientist working down in the basement with mad focus. LOL! Go all in! Good tip!

  10. Hi Nakina. It sounds like you have some challenges ahead of you. I like the idea of the 30-day sprint and also a big of fan of creating good habits. I too have a day job that can be challenging at times plus a commitment to a daily fitness program. I have found setting up a daily habit of working on my business important and one that I am continuing to work on to get right. I recommend starting small, building up on your successes over time and reflecting on where it is not working. Trial and error all the way.
    Neal Shead recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    1. I think the starting small is key. I tend to set up expectations to do everything I can think of well all at once and get disappointed when I disappoint. I’m trying to focus on what will most move my business forward and be realistic about the time I have allotted for my tasks. Trial and error is a nice tip! I’ll give myself some grace 🙂

  11. Hello Nakina,
    I hope you’re feeling better now. Thank you for sharing the training with Dean last week, which reminded me that I needed to go back and review the video since I couldn’t be there the whole time. What you’ve mentioned here is valuable and reminds us where we need to focus, especially when our traditional jobs consume so much of our time. I’ve been looking at your blog and I love it. I wish you all the success in the world. If something doesn’t sound right, forgive me; my English is not very good, so I have to use a translator.
    Ezequiel Wells
    Ezequiel recently posted…“Celebrating First Steps: Embarking on a Journey of Growth and Achievement”My Profile

  12. Hi Nakina,
    Peter Drucker said, “What gets measured gets managed”. You also reminded me that at some point I had a page with 66 spaces to cross one off every day to create a new habit. Will need to find it again.
    The answer to your question is: absolutely YES! Most of the tasks you are willing to do can be automated so proper time allocation and focus will guarantee you success.
    Until next time!
    Tom recently posted…Internet Profits 1 Year Anniversary!My Profile

    1. Hi, Tom! I recently found out I’m a procrastinator. This surprised me because I have no problems meeting a deadline. It turns out procrastinators like structure and routine and deadlines to meet. So, I’ve been building some structure into my business routine and it is really helping! Here’s to progress!

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