7 Tips to Avoid the Spam Folder

7 Tips to Avoid the Spam Folder

Happy Sunday, Friends!

This week, I’ve been delving into some of my mentor Dean Holland’s training on email marketing. As always, I want to share what I’ve been learning with you.

There was a lot more to this topic than what I was expecting.

This week, I’ll share what I’ve learned about ensuring emails make it to the inbox rather than the spam folder.

Why the Spam Folder Is A Concern

Email marketing is one of the most important ways we connect with our audience as an affiliate marketer.

However, the effectiveness of our email campaigns relies on ensuring not just that our emails are catchy and enjoyable but even more so that our messages are delivered directly into our subscribers’ inboxes and not lost forever in that dreaded chasm of spam folders.

I was glad to find out there are some factors I can control in this respect. It is the first step to improving engagement with our subscribers.

I hadn’t realized I had any control in this area.

I’ve made a checklist from the training I’ve done this week to make this step easier.

How to Increase Email Deliverability 

1. Only Build Your Email Lists from  Engaged Subscribers
From the beginning, only capture the emails of people engaging with you. Use an opt-in method that requires confirmation from subscribers before they receive emails. Doing so will reduce invalid or fake addresses while ensuring genuine interest in hearing from you.

It can be tempting to buy a list of emails of people supposedly interested in your niche. I would advise you not to take that shortcut. It is more likely to slow your progress than quicken it.

2. Use a Reputable Email Service Provider (ESP)
Choosing a reputable ESP is crucial. Use an ESP that maintains high deliverability rates, offers strong security measures, provides detailed analytics, and adheres strictly to anti-spam regulations.

I knew nothing about this, so I’ll share what Dean taught me using a specific example.

I use AWeber to manage my subscribers. AWeber has to guard its reputation as an Email Service Provider. If I were to send many obvious spam emails, I could have my account shut down or restrictions placed upon it because AWeber has a reputation to uphold.

Ironically, AWeber users put AWeber at risk, so they are vigilant to restrict their users’ bad behavior.

Their good reputation ensures their users’ emails land in their subscribers’ inboxes rather than going directly to the spam folder.

There are many email service providers. I learned it’s essential to choose one not just on ease of use and cost but also based on their reputation.

3. Email Content
Write compelling subject lines that pique curiosity without triggering spam alarms. These spam filters are designed to flag specific keywords, increasing your email’s likelihood of going to Spam.

  • Avoid excessive use of capital letters or exclamation marks.
  • Avoid words like “free,” “limited-time offer,” or “make money fast.”

Spam filters also scan the body of your email.

In short, you don’t want to sound like something too good to be true. The spam filter will think you’re email is a scam and put you in Spam.

Also, if it sounds like you’re simply selling something, you’ll probably end up in the Promotions folder.

You can ask your autoresponder for a list of trigger words to avoid in your emails.

4. Regularly Prune Your Email List

This is a tough one. I cringe at the thought of deleting any of my subscribers from my list. I’ve worked hard to engage with my audience.

However, every four months or so, we should perform routine list-hygiene. This is removing inactive subscribers and duplicate addresses.

If someone hasn’t opened an email from you in six months, delete them.

Why? This will improve your open rates and thus improve your deliverability rate.

By pruning your list, you will actually increase the likelihood of engagement with your active subscribers by landing in their inboxes.

5. Ask A Question of Your List

For example, ask if your list is still interested in your niche.

I would ask my list if they’re still interested in making money online.

Not only will I get to engage with individuals responding to me, but I’ve increased engagement by having a two-way conversation.

This will dramatically increase the likelihood that my emails don’t go to Spam.

6. Monitor Deliverability Metrics
Monitor key email metrics. This includes open rates, bounce rates, complaint rates, and engagement levels over time.

These will clue you into quickly identifying potential issues in your efforts, and you’ll be able to adjust your email strategy accordingly.

7. Email Often

And lastly, don’t be afraid to email often.

The less you email, the more likely your audience will forget who you are.

If they don’t remember they subscribed to your list, they are more likely to mark you as Spam.

People marking you as Spam will hurt your deliverability rate remarkably.


It turns out we have some level of control when it comes to avoiding the Spam folder.

By implementing these tips, we’ll enhance our reputations as reputable email marketers, thus landing in the Inbox regularly. 

I like having some control over what I thought was only chance.

Do you know of anything that can be added to this checklist? What tips have you found helpful in avoiding the Spam folder?

Next week, I’ll share what I’m learning about writing emails that get read and get a response. This topic will cover how to get your subscribers looking forward to your next email and increasing the likelihood they’ll respond to your offers.

Here’s looking forward to a great new week!

Ciao for now,


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