My name is Nakina Lawson. I’m a wife and a Boxer mom. Mister Keats is just a baby in that pic. He’ll already be eleven in May. We live in McKinney, Texas. I just started affiliate marketing in January 2023. I have a mentor in Dean Holland and his team at Internet Profits.

I was a middle school English teacher when my health became wacky. I currently work with a company that helps disabled people work from home in a call center environment. I cannot work full-time or reliably keep a set schedule, so I want to make a more substantial income online.

I started affiliate marketing because it can provide us with a more hopeful, stable future. My husband and I would like to buy a house. He’d also like to get his beloved Camaro up and running!

My “why” changed a bit in May. We lost my mother-in-law, and I realized I want to spend more time with my family. I want the freedom to create as many memories and as much laughter as possible. The weekends with my husband are great, but not enough if I can do something to have more of him daily. I want to make that happen, not just for him but for the whole of the family.

I also want to help others like myself, especially those limited to making a living online, focus and streamline their success. Being disabled can be very scary financially, both now and when thinking of the future. If something happens to my husband and my sister, who’s going to take care of me? It takes money. Online success can provide peace of mind for a more secure future.

Each week, I will post what I’m learning. I’ll share my successes, my mistakes, and my overall experiences.

I hope you will join me on my journey to success, and hopefully, I can help your journey be a little easier.

So be sure to visit often, as I’ll be sharing my journey pretty much every week (as my health allows).

Why not start now? Check out some of my latest posts.

We’re just getting started!


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