Accountability & Taking Stock

Accountability & Taking Stock


I had a rough week with the business.

It turns out, recognizing my fear last week was not enough to overcome it. In the past, once I realized what’s holding me back I succeed. Not so this week.

I am definitely too concerned if people are going to find my answers helpful. I hesitate in answering questions. I want to add value to the community, but also I needn’t second guess my answers. I should just do my best and publish my answers.

Meanwhile, I had another blow this week.

My Grandma’s health is declining. The immediacy of losing her sooner than later makes me feel like my backbone has been ripped out. I’m a jellyfish.

Taking Stock

As of Saturday morning, I have only answered five Quora questions this week. I think the goal should be at least two questions a day. It takes me 30-45 minutes to answer a question. If I don’t need to ask a question for the Internet Profits team that day, I could do at least one more.

The team at IP gives motivational, helpful messages three times a week. Glenn’s this week was to keep it simple, so you don’t force yourself to get stuck.

I need to apply the simplicity. I think this is an example of needing to put the blinders on and just focus on what I need to do. I need to detach myself from the possible consequences, and just answer Quora questions.

I am terrified to do so.

Perhaps I don’t understand fully, why. Maybe that’s why I’m still stuck.

All I know is that it’s time to overcome the stuck-ness.


I know affiliate marketers commonly “get stuck.” I share my difficulty for three reasons.

  1. To hold myself accountable.
  2. To encourage you if you’re also stuck.
  3. To face a turning point.

I have been stuck, but now I’m going to become active. My goal is not to answer five questions a day. That’s what I expected of myself last week, and I just froze. I can answer two questions and I will consider it success.

I know the process will get easier and I will be able to do more as I practice.

What obstacles have you faced that really got you stuck? How did you overcome them? Please let me know in the comments. I think it would really help me.


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