Balancing Goals

Balancing Goals

Hello! This week’s post is slightly different; it’s not directly linked to affiliate marketing.

I’ll tell you why. This week, I continued to work on Quora. Wednesday, I had a migraine. It continued for a few days. I couldn’t formulate answers to Quora questions, so I took the time to watch a goal planning/time planning course I bought.

What Was the Difference?

The first day, I was very discouraged. I have all these goals, but I didn’t see how they could be achieved.

The next day, I watched a video about how to think big. It included questions that helped narrow my goals to three that excited me and even made me a little nervous because of the challenge.

Next, I did something practical. I have done the activity where I break my day into 15-minute increments and write down what I did. I’ve even gone about planning my day that way in advance.

This time, I left two lines on the page for each 15-minute increment, and I wrote down what time of day I would do all the things I wanted to do, just disregarding if it was really doable.

I included everything: eating, taking care of my dog, coffee/tea breaks, reading, cross-stitching, phone calls, different areas of my business, and even more things that I would just like to do for fun.

Shockingly, with some tweaking, I made room for everything over a week. Not just the essential but the fun stuff I usually think I don’t have time for.

Stellar Moment

I went back over the list and wrote next to the activities the big goal they would help accomplish.

For example, answering questions on Quora will lead to spending more time with my husband (when he can quit his job).

Walking on the Treadmill will lead to lean muscle.

And so on.

Suddenly, there was a purpose to the daily grind I could get behind and feel good about.

The Challenge

The challenge will be getting out of bed.

I’ve been too sleepy lately. I’m not responding to my alarm.

I will set it for 5 AM so that by 6, I am up and ready to go.


I’m looking forward to having some fun in the coming week.

I’ve got defined business goals as well as personal fun time scheduled.

I think having a big-picture view and time to wind down and do some cross-stitch (sewing) between my affiliate marketing business and my day job will be the icing on the cake.

How do you manage balance in your business/personal life? Do you plan for personal fun-time in your life?



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