Claiming The Owner’s Identity in Your Business

Claiming The Owner’s Identity in Your Business

Good morning! Happy weekend!

I’ve had a very productive week. I hope you had a good one, too!

I finished my YouTube training and had my monthly meeting with my mentor, Dean Holland.

Regarding the training, I’m at the point where I need to put it into practice before I know how to explain it to you. At the moment, it’s all foggy in my head. I’ve written a rough draft of my first video script and purchased a microphone. But according to my schedule, today (Thursday), I begin writing my blog. As much as I want to jump ahead to tell you I made that first video, I will stay disciplined and write my blog.

Now, I do have something exciting for you today. In this month’s meeting, Dean discussed the importance of claiming a business owner’s identity. It is more than just a la de dah feel like you’re the boss mindset. It’s hard-hitting and very practical.

It’ll be a treat for you to enjoy, I’m sure!

Let’s go ahead and get started.

Do You Feel Disingenuous?

Do you feel like a fake recommending products on how to make money online when you’re not yet making money online? Do you feel like if someone examines the real you, they’d think you’re an imposter?

Dean’s funny example illustrates why there’s no need to feel like an imposter.

If you were an affiliate for a vegetable gardening kit, would you need to be an expert vegetable gardener? No! You’d have to connect people interested in growing vegetables with this product.

In the same way, as an affiliate marketer in the make money online niche, you recommend people who’ve made it and products used in that industry to someone who wants to do the same.

As a beginner, you have an immense advantage. You can relate to your audience because you are new as well. That gives you an advantage over a millionaire guru. People can relate to you.

Also, if you’re like me, I only promote products I have experience with. Since I started from nothing, I’ve got another edge as I prove their effectiveness!

Affiliate Marketing Is A Business Model

Question: Do you feel you are promoting someone else’s business as an affiliate marketer, or are you growing your own business?

Affiliate marketing is a business model, so you are a business owner.

Most people begin as affiliate marketers; it makes sense to become good at marketing before creating your own product.

Examples of affiliate marketing include network marketing, drop shipping, influencers, and price comparison websites…

Most companies use affiliates to promote their products.

Creators and Affiliate Marketers Are Both Business Owners

What’s the difference? A creator creates and sells. An affiliate marketer only needs to sell.

You must act and think differently as a business owner rather than an employee of someone else’s business.

In other words, you must adopt a different approach.

As a marketer, you must focus on four core areas and track results. The creator does these things as well, but as the marketer, it is the only thing you need to do. These are, as seen above, attracting traffic, getting emails, making offers, and following up.

Can You Confidently Say Yes to These Four Questions?

1. I take full responsibility for my actions and results because this is my business and mine alone.

2. I have selected my traffic strategy and am currently learning and practicing it daily.

3. I am tracking my results daily.

4. I am committed to continual practice and improvement so I experience consistent progress and get better at my craft.

Until you can say YES to those four statements, you will struggle to make the progress and results you desire.

Dean doesn’t pull his punches, does he?

Asking For Help

If you say no, that’s where you must ask for help.

If you’re stuck understanding what to do or where to turn – ask.

If you’re stuck with what to do for traffic or jumping from strategy to strategy – ask.

If you’re stuck with fear of sending emails or your emails are not getting results – ask.

If you’re stuck making offers – ask.

Whatever reason you’re not making progress, you need to ask for one reason alone.

Your ability to do these things successfully is the only thing between you and your goals of where you want to be.

Why It’s Tough

We must do the right things long enough to get good at them.

The long enough part entails changing habits, routines, and patterns we’ve built up over our lives.

We have unrealistic expectations of ourselves. Sometimes, we think we can change all this in an instant and get everything we want really, really quickly.

But the reality is that before we can achieve the success we want, we have to become the people capable of that success.

Our habits, routines, and patterns need to become that of a successful person.

Only once we become capable of it is it possible to get it.

Those new things must be done regularly. They must become your new routine and your new habits.

If you’re doing things that are not aligned with your strategy because they’re habits, you need to adjust those habits.

It’s NOT easy.

You need to become consciously aware of what you’re doing and identify if it’s not helping you achieve your goals.

Finding Excitement in Progress

You can alter the path you’re on.

You’ve heard the saying: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Look in the rearview mirror behind you and learn from your past.

Note what needs to change so you can change and become a better version of yourself.

We cannot just accept excuses for our situation.

We need to eradicate the bad habits and amplify the good ones.

In a focused one hour a day, working this hard, you can make significant progress. If you can do more, fantastic. Don’t underestimate the power of time.

What I’ve Done to Make Progress

I’ve done a few things this quarter that have helped me make progress in these tough changes.

I purchased a fifteen minute appointment calendar. I don’t use it to plan ahead. I write down what I’ve done in that fifteen minutes each day.

It helps me see how much time I’m actually spending on my business and the small increments help me see if I’m staying focused.

I tried keeping track first in a spiral. This oversized pre-written version is easy to find no matter where I’ve laid it’s neatly pre-printed for me.

It starts at 6 in the morning and goes through 8:00. I work two to six at my regular job. So I’ve started changing the hours in the calendar to the hours I have available.

I get up at 5, skip hours 2-5 PM, and can continue the calendar through to the 10:00 PM hour.

I’ve also read Atomic Habits by James Clear.

He talks about identifying all your habits, determining which ones need to change, and how to actually go about changing them.

He’s got some ideas that are not standard. How to make a negative habit seem really negative was helpful. I highly recommend the book.

It helped me rethink everything I do and how it serves my ultimate purpose.

His big idea is that the smallest of changes make big differences, hence the title. He proves this by real-life examples pretty convincingly.


Dean’s talk was hard-hitting, huh? What impacted you most?

What habits are you working on so that you can become a better business owner?

Do you need to ask someone for help? I’m here for you. Please reach out to me in the comments or become one of my accountability partners and reach out to me via email.

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing and aren’t sure where to begin, I recommend this book, The Iceberg Effect. It’s what initially gave me direction and confidence in the affiliate marketing business model.

I hope you feel empowered by Dean’s message of change and taking ownership.

Ciao for now,



23 thoughts on “Claiming The Owner’s Identity in Your Business”

  1. Hi Nakina,
    Such a great post and so encouraging ! I enjoyed it so much 🙂
    The biggest and hardest habits I’m working on are my thoughts. my mind is an enormous minefield of negative thought patterns I’m working on. Digging up land mines and replacing them with new seeds of hope and truth about me, my life and my future. I have a long history of beating myself up and telling myself how much I suck. it’s been hard work and still in progress, but I’m seeing progress! thanks for your post!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Denny. I have something funny to tell you that might help.
      One day, I was walking around the house singing the song I Feel Pretty from West Side Story – I don’t know how it ever got into my head! I walked by the bathroom mirror and said, “You are so pretty!” It made me laugh so much!
      And somehow, that was a great turning point. I finally understood that you can’t beat yourself up because the value in building yourself up is so much greater! And when you hit on the right phrase that encourages you, you will know it.
      Good luck, and experiment in talking to yourself- building yourself up. I look forward to hearing what encourages you most!

  2. Your blog post contains so many great pieces of advice. When I started affiliate marketing, I really struggled with recommending products because I felt that until I proved they worked, I could not tell others to sign up. That is why documenting my journey, sharing the ups and downs, being honest, and being real is the best way I can approach affiliate marketing. Dean’s new platform Affiliate System, has been really fun to get to learn, and over the past 15 weeks I have gotten to see how much it has to offer. As I uncover each new feature, I get excited knowing that I will be eventually get to promote this product as an affiliate. Affiliate system platform can help so many people, not just affiliate marketers, but anyone wanting an online business, to find success and this makes me so happy. I love the encouragement to ask for help as we cannot go this road alone. It is so critical as a beginner to ask questions, and when we don’t know what to ask just check in to make sure we are on the right path. Look forward to following your journey!

  3. I agree, Alison! The prospect of sharing the Affiliate System soon is so exciting! It will help anyone with an online business, no matter their niche, and using it ourselves will make it easy to promote.
    I’m glad you’ve got my back! I’ll be tuning into your YouTube channel regarding Facebook Lead Ads myself.
    Best of luck to you!

  4. This s such an encouraging post! I have felt like an imposter, but with my mentor’s advice, I feel better about the services offered to my future customers/friends! I believe I may need to check out the Atomic Habits book you recommend. I am absolutely sure I need to tweak some small and large habits. Thanks for the recommendation.

    1. I’m glad, Ernie!
      The book is good. It’s filled with practical tips that can be implemented in small ways. It’s much easier to make big changes in small ways than big ones.

  5. Hey Nakima, this is another GREAT blog post. I love how you incorporate Dean’s teachings into your posts. His lessons are so informative and dead-on. He knows what he’s talking about, and I, for one, feel very empowered by his ability to speak about and influence all of us in such an impactful way. This is certainly not by accident. I never get tired of listening to his wisdom and the personal struggles that he has overcome. He is the real deal.

      1. Hi, Vanessa!
        I do want to share what I’m learning with my audience, especially those who haven’t heard from Dean themselves.
        His advice helps me to focus and actually become someone capable of doing what I need to do to become successful.
        Best of luck to you!

  6. Hi Nakina,
    I need to get in on those monthly reviews with Dean. I haven’t been doing that and you’re right, they help dramatically! I’m not good at asking for help, but I’m trying to turn that around now. I’m impressed with your organization and dedication to push forward positively with your business. I need to get one of those notebooks. I have that same book. I bought months ago, but haven’t taken the time to start reading it yet. I need to do that! Thank you for your post today. I look forward to your next one. Take care…
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Optimizing Your Business For SuccessMy Profile

    1. Hi, Meredith!
      If you find it difficult to sit down with the hard copy, you can also get the audio version. That’s what I did first. I need to get the hard copy now for reference. I have listened to the audiobook a few times. Different pieces sink in at different rates! Lol!

      I’ve found being positive and excited about your business might be the most important “thing.” I don’t know if that’s true. But I’m thinking it might be. It’s challenging if there’s fear, dread, or shyness involved.

      Best of luck to you!

  7. Who’s not gonna smile when they see the sign on your door, “Mrs. Boss”?

    I like the idea of using the appointment calendar to record what you’ve done.

    I do find it interesting that it seems your target audience for your blog is us Certified Partners. Still – it’s great to have the backing of a whole community of like-minded entrepreneurs.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Off The Cuff with Meta Lead AdsMy Profile

    1. Hi, Robert!
      The calendar is helpful. Especially in the beginning, I found I was less productive than I thought.
      My audience is anyone beginning with affiliate marketing or in those early stages. Someone like me 🙂
      It is excellent to have some certified partners reading my blog, too!
      Have a fabulous week, Robert!

  8. Nakina,
    I have chosen YouTube as my primary platform and still learning all about it. I have not taken the training but I think it will be helpful when I do. I have not had the chance to listen to Dean’s recording but I am excited to hear it as I am always inspired by his words. Regarding Atomic Habits book, I have read it and can attest it is a great book.

    1. Hi, Sherri!
      Sophie’s training is great. It is value-packed with details.
      I’m glad you can support my claim about the great book! I have always hesitated to read self-help books, but this one is worth the time.

  9. Nakina thank you for this post.

    First, I continue to enjoy your site layout. It’s clean, it’s fresh. I am still working that through.
    I appreciate the attention to the affiliate marketing business model as the foundation for anything else online. That is how I started my TikTok journey but organisation is key & you have provided some key essentials to accompany us on the way.

    1. Hi, Eleanor!
      I’m glad you like the layout of my blog. That is valuable feedback-thank you!
      Good luck with TikTok! I will find you and follow.
      You are welcome!
      I look forward to seeing your TikTok grow!

  10. Nakina, thanks for a great post. That point you make about feeling like an impostor or fake is very very true. For me I have my blog where I’m documenting my journey and now on TikTok and social media. I am telling people things. But if you asked me, what have I achieved so far I can say a lot in terms of learning and building my business but because I haven’t actually earned any money yet, even though I know it will come in time, you do feel a bit fake. And I generally find when people say I have earned X dollars or they show on the screen their earnings people believe that more. Personally I find it a bit strange however it shows actual results and that’s what people want. I think for us we just need to carry on and when we get to the point where the money starts coming in we won’t feel like this , but in all honesty, we don’t have to feel like this because we have done so much and achieved so much already. If money is the only measure, then they’re not looking at the right things. It’s the journey and what you’ve learnt and the person you become, that is more important than the money , thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Rich Baba, Poor Baba – sounds familiar!My Profile

    1. Hi, Atif! I think you are right. We are doing “all the things” to run a business, so we’ve learned so much and have a lot to share with our audience. And we’ve grown as people as we face challenges and persist and adapt. Those are more valuable things to share with people than proof of a paycheck, though people might be more responsive once there is proof of pay. Though, of course, they may not know what we know at the stage they’re in. It took me time to understand I need to trust the process of doing “all the things” and the money is guaranteed to come. I suppose we must show them that 🙂
      Thanks for the comment!
      I’m enjoying following your journey!

  11. Nakina,

    I agree! Navigating the world of affiliate marketing often triggers feelings of self-doubt and impostor syndrome. Dean Holland’s analogy about selling without being an expert resonated. As a beginner, I often question my authenticity but have to remind myself that relatability is key. It’s not just about promoting products; it’s owning a business.

    Reflecting on past experiences and making small changes is crucial.

    “Atomic Habits” will go on my to reading.
    We have to remember that It’s a journey of self-discovery and progress, and we need to embrace every step.


    1. Hi, CJ!
      Relatability and authenticity are key to finding an audience and connecting with them. We are learning to run the business; once the money comes, that will prove we’re on the right track.
      I really like the book. I hope you do, too.

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