Creating Video on YouTube – Part One

Creating Video on YouTube – Part One

Good morning! A few unexpected things happened this week to disrupt my work schedule.

So, this week’s blog about YouTube is short and sweet. Yet it’s packed with what I found to be a bit surprising and valuable training from one of my trainers, Sophie Sion Byde.

Niche Down, Narrow Down

The first step is to decide what your channel will be about and who it will help.

With YouTube, you always have to be focused on the viewer. So, don’t decide what you want to do and do it.

First, find out if people want what you want to do.

You can do this using the YouTube search bar and paying attention to the predictive text. The topics suggested are what people search for.

You can also use TubeBuddy or VidIq to find out what people are looking for. These browser extensions delve deeper into what people are searching for, and the sites have videos about how to use their tools.

Sophie said there’s no need to purchase these initially, though you will probably invest in one later for help with SEO. In the beginning, it is okay to use the free version.

Using these, choose a channel topic.

If you use the Beginner’s Advantage method of documenting everything you’re learning and doing on YouTube, the YouTube algorithm will not know what your channel is about. The more topics, the more confused the YouTube algorithm gets. It doesn’t know who to show the channel to, so it doesn’t show it to anyone.

This confusion would make it very hard for your channel to grow.

So, narrow your channel topic by discovering what people want to know about.

Be Yourself

When you’re making videos, don’t pretend you’re further ahead than you are.

As a beginner you’ll appeal to beginners. So, use where you’re at to your advantage.

Don’t be afraid that your first videos are awful. Look at the beginning videos of any big channel.

If they haven’t been deleted, you’ll see their first videos are not up to the standard the channel has today. Everyone begins at the beginning and learns as they continue.

What to Talk About

You’ll want to introduce yourself in your first video. Begin the video by telling viewers how you will help them and your purpose, then tell them about yourself.

Keep people engaged with high-quality content.

Use a hook to capture their attention in the video at the beginning. Don’t talk about what you’ll talk about and who you are; dive in! Tell people what to expect, and then do it!

Keep your energy high. Cut the moments where you hesitate. Be clear about what you want to share.

Talk about the tools you’re using.

Talk about what you’ve learned.

People will start to ask you questions in the comments. You can answer their questions in the following videos you make.

Don’t be afraid of making a lot of the same content. Different people watch at other times.

YouTube does not have an ideal video length. Your video should be as long as you need it to be and as short as possible. Thoroughly address the question your video answers, and do no more.

Most importantly, be selfless on YouTube. Focus on what the viewer will learn from you. They will get to like you, but they tune in to YouTube for an answer to a question. Make that answer simple.

Also, remember the niche you’ve chosen and stay within it so the YouTube algorithm doesn’t get confused.


What surprises you about this training?

I was surprised that I needed to choose a more specific topic than sharing my experience making money online.

I’m going to get advice about the niche I choose. I’ll let you know what it is next week when I go over how to fill in the description of your YouTube video. This is important for SEO and getting people to watch more videos.

Ciao for now,


38 thoughts on “Creating Video on YouTube – Part One”

  1. This is really good advice! Being a content creator and producer is scary. As I look at videos made by others on platforms like TikTok and YouTube I keep telling myself that if others have been successful then why not me. I am amazed how many resources there are. The challenge is choosing the right resource to help and then heading the advice and coaching in the resource. Have a great week!

    1. Nakina, Thanks for sharing your insights from your YouTube training. I found it interesting to learn about the importance of narrowing down your channel topic based on what people are searching for. It’s reassuring to know that it’s okay to start from where you are as a beginner and that everyone improves over time. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the niche you choose and how you optimise your video descriptions for SEO. Keep up the great work! Thanks, Atif

      1. Hey, Atif!
        I will be sure to let you know about the SEO side of things. I just got some advice from Sophie about narrowing down my channel while still sharing my journey… I need to absorb it. I will grab a piece of paper in a bit and make sense of my thoughts.
        I will definitely keep you in the loop.
        So glad you’re cheering me on!
        Cheers to you, too!

    2. Hi Nakina,
      Thank you for sharing your post today. It has a lot of good information. I need all the help I can get when I finally decide to tackle social media… 😅 I’m still trying to figure some other things out with my business before moving forward. I like to have a clear mind with everything before moving forward. I will save your post and look back on it when I get there. Thank you so much! Best of luck to you.
      Meredith Moore recently posted…Sneak Peek Into Affiliate System & Email Marketing StrategyMy Profile

      1. Hi, Meredith!
        I’m glad you got so much out of it!
        You sound like me… I like to know what I’m doing before I do it!
        But I’m going to stumble forward this week when it comes to actually making the video, and I’ll share what I find out.
        Here’s to our success!

    3. Hi, Ernie! Exactly!
      Others have been successful, so we will be also. We have to keep faith in the process, and it will work for us, too 🙂

      There are so many resources for help that it is hard just to get started. I want to know more, more, more and get all my questions answered before I begin.

      I’ve decided I need to know the purpose of my channel before making my first video, and then I’ll learn from there.

      In fact, I don’t quite understand how to make a video and post it to YouTube. I will definitely be learning as I do! LOL! Super uncomfortable… I read something this week in someone’s blog about reframing the discomfort as excitement and fun and trying to have fun learning as a child would.

      I bet you can relate to that idea with your experience as a Grandpa!

      Here’s to another great week!
      Thanks for the encouragement, Ernie!

  2. Hi Nakina,
    so much great information! I also am surprised it’s required to choose a more specific topic than sharing our experience and journey. I didn’t cross my mind to consider the predictive text as popular searches, that’s great! Looking forward to reading about the niche you chose next week!!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Denny!
      I’m so glad you found helpful info in my post.

      I’m excited about choosing my niche. I’ve got a few hours before my session, and I’m really getting excited about it.

      Today, I plan to narrow down my niche, practice that first video, and get used to filming and using CapCut.
      It should be a lot of fun!

  3. Nakina, this is a great introduction to YouTube. I have just started my channel, and it is hard to decide how to present information; I have been doing how-to videos to show the skill sets I am learning as an affiliate marketer, but I think there is also something to the cinematic style that a lot of people use and are successful at. I am sure over time, I will figure it out, they do say you need to make 100 videos before they get good. I really appreciate your blog post. The information is so important and spot-on!

    1. Thanks, Alison! That means a lot, because I know you are ahead of me 🙂 I still need to watch successful YouTube videos to get an idea of what the ultimate goals are.
      Here’s to practicing – Cheers!

  4. Nakina! Great blog post! I love the info you gave about the search indexes, and also loved the great advice you gave about being more specific on your topic while trying to share our experiences in this business.Keep up the great work..
    Jim OBrien recently posted…Take Time To StudyMy Profile

    1. That’s exciting!
      I’m glad you found the post helpful, Sherri!
      I saw you’re having a lot of fun making your videos. I’m going to adopt your attitude and enjoy the learning process.
      I am looking forward to growing our channels together!

  5. Sarah Goulding

    I’m at the very start of YouTube, and when I say the very start, I have an account!
    Thank you for this, I’ve learnt a lot from your blog, I didn’t realise you needed to talk about a specific topic and not use it as more of a vlog….
    My main concern for me is what to talk about for such a long period of time! I find short videos on TikTok hard and the bloopers from those would be hilarious.
    Your blog has given me some confidence to try. Thank you

    1. Hi, Sarah!
      Time is a concern for me as well. I was encouraged by the idea that a video should be as long as it needs to be and not any longer. YouTube doesn’t mind if you have a short video, though there is a point at which it’s considered a short instead of a long video… Yes, 60 seconds is the cut-off there.
      So, that’s a bit comforting. I can definitely talk longer than 60 seconds! Lol!
      Good luck to you, Sarah!

        1. That’s true!
          When I look at YouTube it’s usually to find out how to do something; I want the person to get straight to the point!
          Thanks for the comment, Tony!

  6. So many great tips and steps for YouTube domination!
    I liked the idea of defining the channel’s focus and audience appeal as it’s what people want rather than you.

    And the ‘niche down and narrow down’ your channel’s topic based on audience demand, avoid confusion, and pave the path for organic growth.

    I also appreciated learning to leverage tools like the YouTube search bar, TubeBuddy, or VidIQ.

  7. You Tube is the platform I’ve chosen to focus on, and learn everything I can about it. This requires time and dedication, as well as making videos on a consistent basis and pushing them out to the world.

    My focus is on Boomers and beyond and how to support them in change, especially mindsets that slow down progress.

    1. Hi, Kate!
      Yes! I am seeing I need to start spending some of my spare time watching YouTube to get an idea of what successful videos look like. And I know there are some very good books out there that go over how to have a successful YouTube channel.
      I’ve got so much work ahead of me! But, I’m going to face it with a smile and have fun with it.
      Good luck in your niche, Kate! I enjoy your videos.

  8. Hi Nakina, as I’m preparing to post on YouTube your tips are certainly going to be useful for me. There are so much things to learn, I found this platform a bit intimidating. However, I look forward to know your chosen niche. I still need to find mine.
    Thank you!

    1. Oh, I’m so glad to help, Martin!
      It seems there is a lot more to learn from YouTube than, let’s say, TikTok.
      I wonder if that’s because TikTok is so new or if it’s just that It seems so spontaneous and fast-moving. I shall see when I start making shorts and repurposing my videos.
      Good luck finding your niche, Martin!

  9. Nakina,

    Niche focus and authenticity are defiantly key for a great YouTube channel. While researching viewer interests using tools like TubeBuddy aids in content planning. The tools you pointed out will be a big help in setting things up.

    I am excite to start on my YouTube journey as well. I will be referring back to this post for refreshers.

    Have an awesome day.

  10. Hi Nakina,
    Taking everything in stride is definitely important – as well as making sure that you focus on what you’re going to provide to your viewers – and how you are going to keep their attention!
    Looking forward to your journey and the information it provides!

    1. Thank you, Marc!
      Today, I just got some clarity on how to proceed with my YouTube channel. It is beginning! I’m super excited, and I’m glad you’ll be watching!

  11. Excellent advice, Nakina. I need to watch Sophie’s training to better understand YouTube and how the algorithm works. It makes perfect sense that having too many avenues to your channel would confuse the algorithm into not knowing who to show the video to. I’m just starting the process and need to buckle down and learn the ropes until it becomes easier to navigate and produce videos. Thank you for your insight.

    1. Hi, Vanessa!
      I’m glad to hear you’ll be using YouTube, too!
      Once I figure out how to make a YouTube video and post it, I’ll write a post about it. That’s hard info to find!
      Lol! I think that’s because most people just go figure it out. I’d like to read about it first 🙂
      Have a wonderful week!

    1. Hi, Sharel!
      It took a few viewings of Sophie’s videos to get so much out of them. At first, it was all so new that it went over my head. Lol!
      I hope to influence you to look further into YouTube. I think, once I get the hang of it, it will be fun.
      I’m excited about getting started!
      Have a great week!

  12. Hi Nakina!
    Congratulations for taking the step into YouTube videos! I am excited to hear more from you on this topic since I have been considering YT. Your post is very friendly and informative. Beginners will be lucky to follow your lead!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  13. This is super helpful advice when you’re just starting out! I have been struggling with my content creation and how I want to record and document this journey… I found your blog helpful how I can organize myself to do that more effectively!

  14. Hi, Lauren!
    I’m glad to hear you found it helpful in your journey!
    This starting bit is rough! I look forward to when we know what we’re doing, and we’ll struggle with boredom. LOL!
    We’ll get there 🙂

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