Focus On Improving What Matters Most

Focus On Improving What Matters Most

Welcome again!


I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. Sadly, momma, my mother-in-law, did pass away.

Now, I’m even more motivated to work on my business. We were lucky this time. Our jobs surprised us; we were allowed to be away to be with Momma round the clock in the hospital and by her bedside.  Having already used our family leave, I want to be sure that we can also take the time next time we need to be with family. That’s only allowed by a regular job so often.

If Derek’s job hadn’t let him off the hook, I don’t think he could have forced himself away from his mom at such a time. We would have been without our primary source of income. And it takes so long to find a new job! But, as I said, we got lucky. His work was able to give him leave. But I don’t want to be in such a position again.


Steady Traffic

I realized that my focus has been on too many places at a time. I only have so much time, so I have learned I must refocus. Sometimes, less leads to better results. During June (I can’t believe it’s summer already!), I will only focus on Quora for driving traffic. Looking back at my journal, I realized I’ve only spent one whole week concentrating on answering questions. The following week I had to focus on my day job for training, then I was sick, then Mamma was too ill. I will focus on building my confidence with Quoura and then add blog hopping. I think it’s essential for me to focus on one new thing at a time. You’ve heard the expression “Jack of all trades, master of none”? I should focus on mastering one skill at a time. I feel like I have been juggling, and all the oranges have been dropping.

I was encouraged to realize how little I have focused on what matters most at this stage: traffic. I can fix that. All I need to do is stand in front of traffic and direct it to my blog. My next goal in my business is to get visitors to my blog. And I’ve chosen to do that through Quora, so I’ll need to be consistently active on Quora.

Blog Structure Tips

While I was away from my computer, Glenn Shepherd gave me a thorough critique of my blog. As a result, I have a lot of advice to implement. I’ve already moved my banner to the top of my page. Next, I’ll put a lead magnet above that. Also, I need to create a logo. I’ll share the steps I take in the coming weeks. In fact, I might make a lead magnet that is the blog tips I have received.

Blog writing tips

Regarding blogging itself, Glenn gave me many suggestions. I’ve added headings. I’ve had trouble figuring out what to put in the headings. He suggested writing the headings before the blog… like an outline. That is perhaps obvious, but it helped me a lot. A light bulb went off!

Also, I have enough articles that I can start using hyperlinks. He mentioned I could link to other blog articles and my Quora profile. So, I shall try that out. Next week, I’ll try to have a more intriguing title and headings.

And I should assign categories to my blog.

And I should shoot for 3,000 words per blog. In his experience, shorter blogs don’t gain much traction. He showed me some sentences I could have elaborated upon. I don’t think it will be as daunting as it first sounded, though I haven’t accomplished that with this post. I believe an outline will help me be more elaborate.


I only have two hours a day to spend on my business. I asked Dean Holland this week how I should focus my time. He agreed with me. There’s still a lot I need to do, for example, improving my blog, that will not directly further my business. Ultimately, my main goal is to begin driving traffic to my blog. So, each day I aim to spend at least one hour on Quora. Afterward, I’ll work on adding a lead magnet. I’ll get the loose ends of my blog tied up In that second hour while assuring each day that I am progressing with what will directly grow my business in the first hour.

Otherwise, I think I could continually spend my time on “loose ends” and never get to driving traffic.

Progress is assured in both areas this way.


During our April coaching session with Dean, he pointed out that when our group says we need help staying motivated, he suspects we mean something else. Perhaps discipline? I was intrigued. I think he hit on something. Though, for me, I think it’s confidence. When I lack gumption, it is because I’m lacking in confidence. Hence, I decided to focus my energy on one thing at a time. I will only focus on Quora during my first hour of business. I will take the pressure off during the second hour by imagining I’m tying up loose ends. Ta-da! Each hour will have its focus.

I say I should take the pressure off myself because I put too much intensity into my efforts. I’ve realized this because my husband is so different. Whether it’s doing the dishes, hanging curtains, or even mounting a ceiling fan, he stays strangely chill. He has no sense of urgency in the moment. He gets the work done just the same, but it’s a much more pleasant experience. He just stays calm.

So, I will focus and “just chill” while I either answer Quora questions or work on the loose ends of my blog. I expect confidence will spill over from that approach.


I look at my blog and see how much can be improved. I’ve heard that it doesn’t have to start ideally. Perfection is really progress in motion, and I am on the move. So, I’m on the right track.

And, after all, I’m sharing my path to success online. You want to see the beginning!

What suggestions would you make for me to improve my blog? What do you think about the idea that if I focus my efforts and relax, I’ll build my confidence?

Ciao for now,


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