Get Confidence From Your Past – Not Your Future

Get Confidence From Your Past –

Not Your Future

Happy Weekend! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a break!

It’s Kentucky Derby weekend, May the 4th, and Cinco de Mayo. We’ll have a party at my brother-in-law’s house to celebrate!

I appreciate the condolences and outpouring of support you’ve given me regarding the loss of Mister Keats. They are much appreciated and mean so much. I am doing much better. Thank you!

This week, I came across a surprising idea while listening to a book called 10X Is Easier Than 2X. It was so revolutionary that I want to share it with you today.

I hope it will help you in growing your business.

Get Confidence From Your Past Instead of Your Future

The idea is that you should get your confidence from your past actions rather than future ones.

You can’t get your confidence from what hasn’t happened yet, so your confidence must rely on the past.

Now, this sounds obvious at first, so bear with me.

The Quandary

How often do I think I need to accomplish ” this, ” and I’ll feel better? Just as soon as that one thing gets done, another takes its place.

And so, I’m never satisfied.

I’m always thinking I need to get this one future thing done and I’ll feel so much better. I’m in a bit of a scramble.

This is why I think getting your confidence from the past is so life-changing.

Deriving my confidence from my past actions, I can proceed with the following task with a profound peace of mind. I’m not anxious to get it done to feel better.

It’s just the next task I’ll put under my belt with all my other achievements.

Implementing the Idea

This mindset change will take some time to implement, but I have a plan.

I plan to take the time to write down so many of the tasks I’m proud of concerning my business.

I will post it by my bed to see it when I first wake up.

Before I can think of “all the things” there are to do in the coming weeks, I will focus on what I’ve done.

I’ll consider that I did not even know how to begin about a year ago.

I’ve come so far.

I will grow my confidence from my past and then face the few tasks of the day with full confidence and peace of mind; they will be achieved.


So, what do you think?

It’s such a simple and seemingly obvious idea, but it’s not something I’ve naturally done.

Do you think this idea could help you?

Please let me know by leaving a comment.

Become one of my accountability partners, and I’ll be able to share more that I learn throughout the week with you. You’ll also get a couple of videos from my mentor, Dean Holland, explaining how affiliate marketing has changed and what that means for you.

Have a wonderful week to come!

Ciao for now,


26 thoughts on “Get Confidence From Your Past – Not Your Future”

  1. Confidence is key and choosing to learn from the past, repeat good behavior and seek out opportunities for the future is a great way to live. A positive mindset is so important. Your advice is very good and thank you!

  2. In reality, we can draw the future we want from an imagined future- the future of our dreams! Often the past is infused with the traumas and memories that no longer serve. However, I get what this author is saying.

    1. Hi, Kate!
      That’s true! You wouldn’t want to dwell on the misfortunes of the past, but instead on experiences from which you can gain confidence and courage. Good point!

  3. What a great idea! If we concentrate on listing the completion of the tasks of the past that we are proud of, I firmly believe history will repeat itself. Thanks for the tip!
    Robert Klein recently posted…Con EdMy Profile

    1. Hey, Robert!
      I think so, too! I’m so grateful that I heard this idea in passing. It wasn’t really elaborated upon, but it perked up my ears. Lol!
      Hope it cheers you on!

  4. great concept. I so easily forget what I have achieved, always seeing what I failed to do.

    Your post made me reflect on what I have achieved,

    I have been married 48 years, now that’s an achievement.
    I have flown an aeroplane solo across country.
    I am a PADI master diver
    I have published three books, (well three that sold)
    I have spent time in the Amazon Rainforest
    Climbed a mountain, kayaked white water, delivered a baby, crossed the Andies, and so much more.

    Thank you so much for encouraging me to remember these things

    1. Wow, Tony!
      Your life is interesting!
      I am glad to help! Focusing on the positive things we’ve achieved can reframe our hopes for the future. It really broadens things up! I realize the future holds more in store for me than my short-sighted view initially realizes. 🙂

  5. What a powerful perspective shift on gaining confidence from past achievements rather than constantly chasing future goals! Reflecting on your past successes can provide a solid foundation for moving forward with confidence and peace of mind. It’s a simple yet impactful idea that can make a significant difference in how we approach our tasks and goals. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight – it’s definitely something worth implementing in our daily lives. Looking forward to hearing more about your progress and how this mindset shift continues to benefit you!

    1. Thanks, Alison!
      I’m glad you found the idea so empowering. That was my hope because that’s what it did for me 🙂
      As I progress my business, I am becoming a completely different human. The person I was when I began this process had a completely different mindset. As I progress, I am learning so much and becoming a more confident, thriving human.
      That’s an unexpected benefit! But much welcomed!

  6. Nakina, It sounds like you’ve had quite the eventful weekend planned! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and appreciate the support you’ve received. The idea of gaining confidence from past achievements instead of constantly focusing on future tasks is indeed intriguing. It’s a simple concept, but one that’s often overlooked. Taking the time to reflect on past accomplishments can really help shift our mindset and approach tasks with more confidence and peace. Good luck implementing the idea, and I hope you have a fantastic week ahead. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Leadership and Coaching part 2 – That Zoom call with Alex Jefferys………….My Profile

    1. Hi, Atif!
      Indeed! I appreciate the support I’ve received. It was so helpful and unexpected to receive such an outpouring of support, and it means so much to me.

      You remind me, I’ve actually got to go make that list! I wanted to be sure to respond to everyone this week and also visit the community blogs. (I apologize for not getting that done last week, but you know why.) This achievement is accomplished, and I will make that list of what I’m proud of.

      Much success to you, Atif! Your TikTok channel is growing by leaps and bounds! I’m excited for you.

  7. Hi Nakina,
    Having confidence in everything you try to accomplish in life is a must or your won’t get far. I have been struggling with this lately in my business, so thank you for reminding me of how to go about to gain it back. I’m gonna try your method to see if it works for me. Once I get the confidence in what I’m trying to accomplish the sky is the limit for me then. Thank you so much for this post. It helped me so much! I’m glad you’re having a better week this week too! 🙂
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Building Trust and Interest: The Power of Free & Valuable Content in Email MarketingMy Profile

    1. Hi, Meredith!
      Thank you, and I’m so glad the post helped! I am struggling with confidence myself.

      I’m writing my first original email sequence and feel I have nothing to say! LOL! Well, of course, there’s a method to the task. I need to follow the method, and I’ll be fine.

      I tried to remember my past to give me confidence, and I remembered when I first conquered learning French pronouns. I was so proud of myself! I can certainly write an email sequence. This is nothing comparatively! 🙂

      I’m cheering you on, Meredith! May our businesses thrive with our newfound confidence!

  8. Sounds like a good idea. I know for me it’s very easy for me to diminish the things I’ve done – instead of appreciating them, it’s easy to think but I still want to do this … then I’ll feel complete. But that never really happens. I definitely think it would be helpful to focus on what we’ve already done before we get anxious about what we haven’t done yet.

    1. Hi, Nathan! I love how you put that: it would be helpful to focus on what we’ve already done before we get anxious about what we haven’t done yet.

      That’s exactly true! We’ve done so much we can be confident about. Why do we spend so much time being anxious about what hasn’t happened in the future? All we need to do is act confidently in the present, and the future will take care of itself.

      My task immediately after responding to you is to act confidently and write my welcome email sequence. I woke up worried about it, but your words make it clear. You don’t need to worry about what hasn’t happened yet. I’ll just act confidently and get something on paper (or computer screen).

      Thanks for that summary!

  9. Hi Nakina,
    What a great idea to list all your accomplishments from the past. When you stop and think about it, we have achieved so much in our affiliate marketing journey so far. We can take great solace in recognizing what the past has taught us.

    1. We sure can, Andy!
      When I think of all I’ve already accomplished, just in setting up my affiliate marketing business, I can already have so much comfort that the next task will get done and succeed. That is so true!

  10. Hi Nakina,
    So glad you’re doing better.

    Building confidence from past actions is so good, you can pull it out of your back pocket when you are unsure.

    Love the mindset idea, write down all the tasks I’m proud of concerning my business each night to see every morning. That’s a winner!

    1. You are right, Eleanor!
      I have pulled my list out this week as I’ve worked on my welcome email sequence. I haven’t been sure what to write and have had a great deal of trouble. I keep reminding myself that I figured out French pronouns (back in the day- I wouldn’t remember how to use them now). I can do this!
      Have a great week!

  11. Hi Nakina,
    I wanted to express my gratitude for sharing your insightful perspective. Your words serve as a positive reminder to appreciate our past achievements and to find confidence in our personal journey. I hope that you continue to prosper and flourish as you embark on your next steps.

    Wishing you all the best!

  12. Nakina,
    What a fun filled weekend you must have had. I love the Kentucky Derby and watch it every year. Wow, what a finish it was! I like to idea of confidence from past actions as it is great to reflect on what you have successfully done in the past. Here is to our past helping shape our successful future.

    1. Hi, Sherri!
      It was an exciting race! I’ve never seen a horse literally win by a nose! It was fantastic! And I’m a hat lover, so I really enjoyed seeing all those fancy hats!
      Here’s to our success in our past and to our futures!

  13. Hi Nakina,
    Glad to read that you’re doing better and yes, you’ve brought up a great challenge for us – me included – for the following weeks!
    Thinking about what we’ve accomplished should definitely fill our confidence because living off “what if’s” for the future sure won’t.
    Sometimes, a small shift in the way we think and act can not only bring about some positivity in our lives but also completely change the way we view things.
    Wishing you all the best and oh, you forgot: “May the Fourth Be With You!” (Couldn’t resist)

    1. Lol!
      Hi, Marc!
      For our party, we made little Yoda-like spinach artichoke-filled crescent rolls. The crescent rolls stuck out over the side of the muffin tin to make ears. They were wonderful! We also made Tie Fighters out of Ritz crackers and cheese. LOL! And we started watching Ahsoka after the Derby. We had a splendid time!

      That small shift in confidence has made such a difference this week! It has helped me confidently write follow-up emails. And, boy, did I need it! It’s a new task for me, and I was lacking confidence about it.

      May the Force Be With You always!

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