Get Your Email Noticed and Opened

Get Your Email Noticed and  Opened

Good morning! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

I have good news. I have my first subscribers to my email list this week, and I made my first sales!

So, this week, I’ve been reviewing my training on how to write follow-up emails. As I do, I want to share with you what I’m learning to make this journey easier for others to follow and inspire you to make the journey to online success yourself.

There is a reason “Why?” someone opens an email. You have to get noticed and opened.

The Relationship Matters

The relationship you’ve built with your subscribers matters a lot! The more you’ve developed the know, like, and trust factor, the more likely your emails will be opened.

This is the most crucial factor that will influence whether or not someone opens an email from you.

You can use many tricks to make your emails more appealing. But the more you’ve shown that you have a person’s best interests at heart, the more consistently you’ve shown up in their lives, the more that person will start to look for you in their inbox. They’ll want to read your following email.

Seeing your message in their inbox will spark the same excitement as getting a letter in the mailbox.


Relationship aside, curiosity in a subject line evokes interest in the reader’s mind. They need to open it to see what it’s all about.

  • Use intrigue: Pose a question, make an unexpected statement, or offer a fascinating fact. Example: “Want to know how I finally made my first sale?”
  • State urgency or exclusivity: People are inclined to limited-time offers or exclusive opportunities. Mentioning scarcity in your subject line can spur curiosity. Example: “Last chance to grab this sale”
  • Tease valuable information: Provide just enough information to arouse curiosity but leave out crucial details that will make readers want to open the email and discover more. Example: “The tipping point to my first sale”
  • Offer personal experiences or benefits: Tailor your subject line based on recipients’ interests, preferences, or location, highlighting how they stand to benefit from opening the email. Example: “Your opportunity awaits”
  • Incorporate storytelling elements: Humans are naturally drawn to stories. Use subject lines that create intrigue by hinting at an exciting narrative within the email content. Example: “From zero to cha-ching!—How I made my first sale.”

Stand Out from the Crowded Inbox


At first glance, all emails look the same in an inbox. But, wait, maybe not!



  • Emojis and colors in the subject line draw attention to that email in the entire inbox. However, sometimes, the emoji will cause an email to Spam. Test with your Autoresponder first. Contact their support and see if adding emojis to your Autoresponder is possible and, if so, how.
  • Use of brackets within the subject line
  • A number, especially double digits, can attract attention.
  • Capital letters
  • Sometimes, a shorter subject line stands out from the crowded inbox. A single-word subject line can be most effective.
  • Stats

What’s In It for Them?

The subject line should entice the reader to open it in some way. Remember, your message is not to help yourself in your business. First, it is to help your customers with something they need.

Most Importantly – Heart

An element of “play” is at the heart of affiliate marketing.

Do learn tips and tricks on how to write subject lines that get opened.

But in the end, have a heart that doesn’t get discouraged. Remember, there is no failure in business, only lessons learned!

Try, try, reevaluate, and try again. Your open rate will improve as you finely tune what works for you.

It will inevitably be discouraging at times. Try spinning that immediately into your next attempt at evaluating and trying again.

The great thing I’ve learned about owning my affiliate marketing business is that I can quickly spin discouragement into a new effort. My industriousness is only limited by me.

I’ll explain because this helped me when I realized it this week.

I realized if I were in school and I didn’t do as well on an essay as I liked, I’d have to wait until the next assignment was given, wait until the assignment was due, and wait until the results were given before I could feel like I’d done better.

Not true in my online business! If something doesn’t go as well as I’d hoped, I can immediately try something different and test the results myself.

As a more fun example, I think of playing with Play-Doh. When I try to make an elephant, I never expect my first attempt to be my final attempt. I begin and do my best. I see what could be better, I squish it, and try again. I play with it til I get an elephant that makes me happy. It’s that element of play that’s needed in business.

You’ll need to be willing to try and try again without feeling like a failure in the attempts. You’re just working, tweaking, practicing, developing your craft.

I encourage you to keep trying new things and evaluating your results. You’ll find your own voice and what resonates with your audience.


What are some tips that you use when writing subject lines? How did you build your confidence when first writing emails to your audience?

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