Giving Value to Your New Subscribers

Giving Value to Your New Subscribers

Good morning! I hope your weekend has started out splendidly!

I’m glad to see you again.

This week, I’m reviewing what a lead magnet is, what you can exchange for an email address, and how to go about it.

I’ll also review how the Affiliate System makes setting up a lead magnet much easier.

What Is A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is the name given to the free incentive marketers offer people to join our email list.

Dean Holland says to consider your lead magnet an ethical bribe: “Give us your email address, and we’ll give you this.”

I dislike this picture because it seems to suck people in with a magnet. A lead magnet should not be one-sided but give something of great value in return for the subscriber’s email address.

It is more of an exchange than an entrapment.


What to Exchange

There are a few ideas to consider before choosing what to give away.

  1. What does your customer need? Consider your audience. What are their questions? How can you best answer them?
  2. What are you able to create at this point? For example, if you don’t yet feel equipped to write an eBook, perhaps a newsletter, template, or cheat sheet would suit you.
  3. Will your subscribers find what you give them valuable? You might think your lead magnet is worthwhile; you should. Consider also what other people might think. Think of your offer from a subscriber’s point of view. How can you add value to make your offer go beyond his expectations?

What are some choices for a lead magnet? Anything you can put in an email is viable. You can also direct your subscribers to a website for the exchange.

Here are some ideas:

  • eBooks/reports
  • newsletters/updates
  • cheat sheets
  • checklists
  • templates
  • swipe files
  • free tools
  • free samples
  • early access/wait lists
  • contests
  • discounts and bonuses
  • product demos
  • courses/trainings
  • webinars

Single or Confirmed Opt-In

How should you get your subscribers’ emails?

You’ll need to create a form. Ask for an email address. You can also ask for a name if you like.

Be wary of asking too much all at once. You should only ask for your customer’s personal information if you need it. So, as I’ve mentioned in my last post, I only chose to ask for first name and email address in mine.

(Update: I’m still working on my opt-in. There is a technical glitch. The team at Internet Profits is communicating with WordPress to try to clear it up for me. I’m so glad I have mentors!)

What is the difference in these choices?

A single opt-in will allow your subscriber to enter their information and go directly to your offer.

A confirmed opt-in will direct your subscriber to check their email to confirm they want to be on your list when they enter their information. When they check their email and confirm they want to be on your list, they will be directed to your free item.

Why Use A Single Opt-In

If you receive an email address before purchase, you would likely not ask your soon-to-be customer to confirm they want to be your customer before purchasing. That would be an extra step and you would risk losing a person ready to purchase. You don’t want to interrupt the customer’s flow when they are transacting a purchase.

Why Use A Confirmed Opt-In

If you are getting someone on your email list, you should intend to send them future emails. With the new Google/Yahoo requirement that Spam must be below .03%, it could be helpful to have people go that extra step to think that yes, they want to be on your list. If they go through that step, they may be more likely to remember they chose to receive an email from you and why.

Will it make a difference? The way I look at it, if it helps engagement, it will be helpful to me.

The margin for error set by Google is so tiny that anything I can do to improve my email sender reputation is better.

Benefits of Affiliate System

Within the Affiliate System is the ability to create funnels for any list or site you want to build.

There are so many templates to choose from. In fact, there are so many it would be a waste of time to look at them all before choosing one.

Of course, you can build your own from scratch as well.

It’s easy to add/take out elements of a page. The spacing was easy to adjust. You can use any color. I’m getting into the details here, but suffice it; it’s great. I’m not website-building-savvy, but I was able to use it easily. And if you get stuck, there’s the 24/7 live chat with a human available with a mouse click. I’ve used them a few times at different points so far. Twice, the person helping me made a Loom video so I could watch it and see what step I was missing. I can’t speak their praises enough!

One benefit of this software is that the funnel-building system is built into my email system, my Webinar system, and my social media management… I’m getting into stuff I have yet to tell you about… Dean aimed to put everything an affiliate marketer needs into one package.

What is nice is the feeling of being in control. I’m very organized. I feel something like a fighter pilot in my jet. I only need to open my Affiliate System; my business is at my fingertips. All the ins and outs are in one place!

It’s very much in my head – Lol! But I like that feeling of having it all in one place 🙂

Dean is already hosting meetings to introduce people to the Affiliate System. The time is coming soon! I will let you know as soon as it is available to the public.

I’m sure you will be excited to give it a go, too!


I hope you’re able to find this description of lead magnets and how to use them helpful.

What are your favorite lead magnets to sign up for? What entices you to give someone your email address?

Are you looking forward to seeing the Affiliate System for yourself? What questions may I answer for you?

Please leave a comment.

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21 thoughts on “Giving Value to Your New Subscribers”

  1. Hi Nakina,
    Great post! I definitely appreciate and can relate to your definition of a Lead Magnet.
    It definitely is more of an exchange, in my view, between you and your potential client – seems also to be a win-win scenario when you look at it that way.
    Looking forward to future posts and your continued success with Affiliate Marketing!

  2. Great post Nakina,

    So much helpful info you gave us. And I like the way you changed lead magnet, cause you are right “It is more of an exchange than an entrapment”

    Great info keep it coming. 🙂


  3. Nakina, thanks for the great post. I would add that a lead magnet is also a tool for building brand and trust; if you provide the customer with a valuable document that really helps him, he will remember your name and will more likely be open to your suggestions in the future.

    1. That’s true, Sasha. I can see that reflected in your blog. You give such personal value to your posts. Someone who gets advice from you won’t forget they got it from you. I’ll consider how to do the same with my lead magnet. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Nakina, what an amazing blog, well done. So much value and information laid out very clearly logically. I love the way you use the magnet picture and then the exchange picture. That’s really powerful and very important for people to understand. Affiliate marketing isn’t about going around, grabbing things from people. It’s a mutual thing where you had value and benefit each other. great stuff keep up the good work. I look forward to the next one. Thanks, Atif

  5. Nakina,

    What a great post. You gave a lot of valuable information in your whole post. I love how you explain how a lead magnet doesn’t have to be viewed as just taking and giving. I think that is very important for viewers to understand. Excellent job promoting the affiliate system too. I look forward to your next post. Thanks!

    Meredith Moore recently posted…My very first post!My Profile

  6. Hello Nakina, first off I like the header looks classy. With the new email rules I agree with the double opt-in I think a lot of people are going to get flagged, and at least double opt-in will give a little of a safety. At least they take action twice so they should have enough interest to remember who the email is from.

    1. I’m so glad you like the header, Jon! I didn’t know where to begin in creating a logo. I went with simple 🙂 I like how you state that They’ve taken action twice, making them more likely to remember who you are—well stated!

    1. What an interesting idea, Eleanor! Perhaps a lead magnet could be as simple as a simple explanation of what could be complicated. I do have a way of simplifying ideas into manageable bits. How intriguing! Perhaps I could write up a few ideas to demonstrate creating a lead magnet as a lead magnet. That would be cool and different. Thanks for sparking these ideas!

  7. Great post! Giving and receiving value is so key to every relationship – business or personal. Thank you for defining it so clearly. I can attest that Affiliate System gives TREMENDOUS value!!!
    Ernie recently posted…DucksMy Profile

    1. Well, that makes it so simple, Ernie! As we build relationships with our audience, there will be give and take like in a friendship. That lead magnet I give must be something of value that I would give to a friend. I like that way of looking at it.

  8. Nakina,
    I enjoyed your post. I agree a lead magnet should not be one-sided and should give something of value to our potential customers for their information. Keep the information coming.
    Sherri S Pulcino recently posted…Focus.My Profile

  9. I actually like that Google and Yahoo, and likely other email providers too going forward, have tightened the rules around email deliverability. I believe it can only benefit everybody, including the email marketers.

    The online marketing world is better of for it.

    Katrin recently posted…Two Days Ago I Made Money OnlineMy Profile

    1. I agree, Katrin! I think the new rules will make life easier for us. It would be nice if people were less concerned about being spammed. Maybe it will help people to be more inclined to have genuine relationships online.

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