Lead Magnet Set-Up Week 1

Lead Magnet Set-Up Week 1

Good morning! Thanks for joining me on my blog.

I’ve had a very busy week! My health cooperated, and I could put many hours into my business – 22, as I write this. That’s a vast improvement!

I only spent a few hours answering Quora questions during the week. I focused on getting opt-ins set up for my blog and Quora profile.

I’m making progress. I’m not technically savvy in building pages, so I’m leaning on the coaching team at Internet Profits for help regarding my lead magnet set-up. The weekend has intervened, and we must all take a break (stop and smell the roses, right?)! I’m going to the live coaching session Monday so I will resolve my confusion then.


My Results Review Session

In the meantime, I’ve also had my Results Review session with Dean Holland this week. I was sick too often in June and didn’t make much progress in my business. He encouraged me to jump back in, set up those lead magnets, and then focus on getting traffic using Quora. My mistake was that I needed to set my Google Sheets to allow access to my tracker sheet so he couldn’t give further feedback. It was really easy to fix.

You click the light blue Share button and click “Anyone with the link.”

This is the first time I’ve entered my results to be reviewed. I have been so sick and slow to start my business that I have avoided sharing the details of my progress with my mentor. This could be a better example to follow!

I am glad I finally described my progress to him because he encouraged me to continue. Not only does Dean answer with strategy advice, but he also shares that he knows what I am capable of/the potential I have in my business, and to keep going even though I’ve had setbacks. That’s good to hear.


Time Management 

Dean has also suggested keeping track of my time in a detailed way. I started breaking my free time into 15-minute increments this week, planning each time segment. This has helped me focus solely on what I’m doing now. It helps me not have ten things swirling around in my mind simultaneously. Can you relate?

Glenn Shepherd is on staff at Internet Profits; he recommends going back and physically writing notes about why my plans went wrong. Did I take a phone call, wander away for food, etc? At first, I thought this sounded silly, but over time I can see patterns in how I get distracted and can correct my path.

For example, I drink a lot of water. I now bring my pitcher and glass to the computer before I get started. Simple fixes like that are saving me time.

Also, it helps me to see realistically how long it takes to do certain activities. How long do I spend writing my blog? How much time am I devoting only to Quora?

And I have also gotten a more realistic idea of how much time I have to spend on my business. That is, I’m learning that my free time is only sometimes free for work. I haven’t talked to my sister all week. I finally got time to speak to her, and we spent an hour chatting, different from the 30 minutes I’d planned. There’s no way I’d cut that time shorter, but now I have a realistic idea of how to prepare that time for next week. I can plan accordingly.

It’s been beneficial. I’m learning a lot about how I use my time by not only writing my plan but also why I don’t follow it. In short, I’m feeling more in control of my time. I look forward to seeing how it will help me be more productive in the coming weeks.

Technical Progress Updates

Connecting AWeber to WordPress 7.2.23

I had some difficulty connecting WordPress to my blog. My confusion can be easily avoided.

To connect them, you install a plugin you can find here.

Directions from AWeber for the next steps are here.

Here is a quick outline of the directions:

  1. If you still need an AWeber account, you may sign up here.
  2. Install the WordPress plugin using this link.
  3. Within WordPress, go into your plugins (found in the left margin of your dashboard) and click “Activate” for the AWeber plugin.
  4. Then you will have AWeber in the margin of your Dashboard in WordPress. Highlight AWeber and click on Settings.
  5. This is where I got stuck. You’ll see a blue button that says “Get Started.” You actually have to click that blue button. Once I figured this out (Granted, it might be obvious to you.), the rest was easy.
  6. That blue button will open a page where you enter your AWeber login and password.
  7. That opens a box that has your Authorization Code. Copy that.
  8. Go back to WordPress. Paste the code under the blue button that says Get Started in the box that says YOUR-AUTHORIZATION-CODE-HERE.
  9. Click the blue button that says Finish.
  10. Celebrate!
Email Hyperlink Not Opening Email Directly 7.3.23

I’ve started working on an e-book lead magnet for my Quora profile. I put my links in at the end of the e-book. My e-mail hyperlink was not opening an individual email.

I suspected I had set it up incorrectly.

Through my coaching sessions, I found out I had done everything correctly. My hyperlink was opening this box due to my browser settings.


I corrected this by clicking “G” and signing into my Google account.

Now, an email opens when I click on my email hyperlink in my lead magnet.

All is well!



Lead Magnet Set-Up 7.6.23

I need some help setting up my lead magnet for my blog.

My lead magnet is a free video of my mentor Dean Holland sharing his strategy for affiliate marketing that leads to my co-branded funnel for Dean’s book, The Iceberg Effect.

Currently, I have it set up where you eventually get to the video. People who have already subscribed to my list must enter their email twice. A new subscriber has to enter their email, confirm their email in their inbox, come back to my blog, enter their email again, enter their email a third time, and then they get to see the video.

It’s a mess!

It occurred to me that maybe all I need is a banner. I had trouble making a banner the right size.

I’m sure there’s a straightforward solution. I’ve asked for help with the technical side of things in our daily sessions at Internet Profits. I hope to have worked out the kinks by the end of Monday.

When I have that set up correctly, I’ll share how to do it, so you can avoid sharing in my frustration!



I’ve had a good week. I feel like I’m stumbling my way forward but not falling too hard! Lol!

Please leave a comment. What has it been like for you as you start affiliate marketing? Would you have any general advice for me about keeping my chin up and forging ahead? I hope you’re enjoying my journey.

I started this endeavor to make more money. At this point, my pride is backed up! I’ve been challenged with figuring out the technical side of things and making that first dollar. There’s no way I’m giving up! I’ll share what I figure out with you.

I look forward to sharing the good news about my progress next week! I will feel fantastic once I have those landing pages set up.

Ciao for now,




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