Overcoming a Challenging Schedule

Overcoming a Challenging Schedule

Happy Sunday! Welcome to my blog.

Today, I’ll share with you some decisions I’ve made to enable me to focus my time on my business without interruptions.

I’ve been having a great deal of trouble focusing on my work due to chronic migraines. Usually, I keep doing what I’m doing and try to persevere. I’ve realized that’s not working. I’m going to try a different strategy.

I thought I’d share what I’m going through, hoping it will help you rethink how you can be most successful with your time. After all, we all have challenges to overcome in dedicating our free time to starting our business-especially in the beginning.

On Sick Days

There are days when I’m sick, and no work will get done. I have to accept that.

More commonly, my head gets cloudy, and my thoughts don’t connect. I’ve heard this described as “brain fog.” I would describe it as a cloud in my head taking up space. No thoughts can happen where the cloud is. I’m not able to answer Quora questions at these times.

So, I’ve come up with a new plan:

  1. I need to begin my day by answering Quora questions. I’ll feed Mr. Keats, make coffee, and begin. A shower will have to wait- the migraine tends to start a couple of hours after I wake up. I’ll sneak in productivity before the cloud happens.
  2. When I wake up cloudy-headed, I’ll work on my list. I’ve made a list of business-related activities that need to be done but are not pressing. It’s most important, at this time, that I work on traffic and follow-up. On days my mind won’t work in that way, I’ll work on creating a business logo, setting up social sharing buttons on my blog, and such activities from my list.
  3. If my head is still too cloudy, I’ll do stuff around the house. I can knock out some chores, which will give me more free time to work on my business when my head is clearer.
  4. And if all else fails, and sometimes it does, I will do something pleasant. Read, cross-stitch, color, watch Bullwinkle and Rocky cartoons—something I will enjoy.

Most importantly, I need to not dwell on the problem. I get upset about the situation, and that makes me feel worse.

I’m hoping having a clear plan will help me have a brighter mindset and be as productive as possible.

On Healthier Days

As I said, I’ll focus on Quora questions first thing every day.

I’ll be able to work 6-10 AM.

I’ll work on traffic and follow-up.

We’ll see how that goes. I think the first week, these activities will be my focus during those hours. If I do well, perhaps I’ll also start working on my list of side items.

The Goal

The goal is to have a more productive month. I keep track of what I’ve done each day on a spreadsheet.

I want to see more hours worked in September than in August.


My situation is specific to me.

However, I think all affiliate marketers must find a way to work their business into their schedule. I think most of us have to find a way to be very productive in our limited time.

I’ve heard two things needed to succeed in this business: the business system itself and overcoming bad habits.

I think there’s more to it than simply overcoming bad habits.

I’ve tried persisting, being dedicated, and trudging through; that hasn’t worked in my situation.

A plan of action is needed. I’ll evaluate what is working and tweak the plan.

I hope this article can help you in your situation. We all have our challenges.

How do you overcome yours so that you can focus on your business? What words of wisdom would you add?

Please leave a comment.

Ciao for now,




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