Pause, Collaborate, & Listen

Pause, Collaborate, & Listen

Hello, there!

I’m pausing my business for a good reason. I received a promotion at my part-time job. As a result, I’m immersed in full-time training. In addition, my health is slightly off, so I must focus on learning, studying, and resting. The training is lasting longer than I expected. I hope to be done by Wednesday of next week.

I did learn something practical this week. I was feeling frustrated by the challenge of my new role. Dean Holland encouraged me by saying it was just like learning my business. I’ll need to practice, practice, practice in my new role, and I’ll get better. That put things in a better light. I had lost perspective. I had forgotten there would be a light at the end of the tunnel because I couldn’t see it yet. Just realizing it will be there gives me hope and relief.

It makes me realize how far I have come in my business. Though I haven’t made any money yet,  I’ve learned so much that my progress here comforts me at my new job.

I’m looking forward to returning to my business and everyday routine. But, for now, I take a brief pause.

Ciao for now,


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