Rough Week

Rough Week

Hi, guys!

Welcome to the weekend! I hope it is a great one for you!

Different from last week, I really don’t have a post for you this week. It was a rough one.

Our beloved Mister Keats passed away on March 29th. Though it’s been almost a month… it hit me harder this week. I had some days of grief.

I think it hit me harder this week because we rescued some kittens. We think they’re about four weeks old, so we’ve been feeding and caring for them greatly.

Though they are lovely, and I adore them, it somehow magnified the gaping hole Keats used to be in. I felt shocked and needed to be still and in nature for a few days. It’s been very gray and sometimes rainy here. I’ve been able to sit outside under the awning, watch all the spring greenery and roses, and heal.

Quick update: I’m taking a class on Facebook Lead Ads. This week, I created my own lead magnet and filmed my first YouTube video. I still need to edit it.

More on those things to come.

I will take a break for the weekend and let this grief take its course. It’s also our eleventh anniversary this weekend, so Derek and I will spend the whole weekend together and go out to eat tonight! Yay!

I wish you all the best in the coming week!

Ciao for now,




20 thoughts on “Rough Week”

  1. Hi Nakina,
    I’m so sorry for your loss. I know what it’s like to lose a fondly loved pooch. It’s heartbreaking and I sure feel for you. Bless you for looking after the kittens. I wish you and your hubby a wonderful anniversary.

    1. Hi, Andy!
      I appreciate your kind words and sympathy.
      I have good news about the kittens! We’re going to foster them through the local Humane Society and help them get adopted. I’m very pleased because I am certainly getting attached, and I’ll have much better peace of mind knowing they are definitely going to good homes. And we get to see them grow up! They are such a delight!
      They are healing my heart 🙂 I think Mister Keats sent them.

  2. I feel for your loss. As we discussed yesterday on Sophie’s meet and greet, our dogs don’t live long enough, at least from our perspective!! I think everyday of the dog’s I’ve had over the years. Their companionship is unequaled!

    1. Hi, Kate! Thank you so much.
      Dogs are such an important part of life, aren’t they?
      Growing up, I had a chihuahua who would sing when I practiced my flute. Later, another dog loved to help me in my balcony garden and smell all the flowers.
      They bring so much joy even when remembering them.

  3. Dogs are something else. They aren’t a pet, they are part of your family. I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Considering you’ve had an emotional week, you’ve achieved a lot! Filing your first YouTube is an incredible achievement and I applaud you for that.

    1. Thanks, Sarah!
      Dogs are family. Mister Keats demanded the same amount of attention as a toddler. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into! But he had me wrapped around his paw. He just took it for granted. Of course, we would do everything together… side by side.
      And you have a good point! I did get much accomplished.
      Thank you for your sympathy. These kind words help so much.

  4. Hi Nakina,
    I’m so sorry about your dog passing. I know what it’s like to have that feeling of loss for your furry friend. I have a Boxer too. His name is Murphy. I spoke of him in my post this week. He will be eleven on Sep 9th. and I think about him leaving us all the time now since he’s older. They are such good dogs… I know you will get through this in time. It just sucks when we all must go through it. My thoughts are with you… ☺
    Meredith Moore recently posted…A Positive Week of Reflection and Growth / Amongst Some ChallengesMy Profile

    1. Hi, Meredith!
      I feel for you watching Murphy get older and the anxiety involved.
      My grandma gave me good advice: Treasure every day with him to the utmost. I’m sure you already do, but that helped me focus on being glad for the present and not so scared of the future.
      Our vet told us we lose our pets for a reason; they can’t live as long as us because our pets couldn’t stand to lose us. We can cope, but they wouldn’t be able to. I think that is true.
      Much love to Murphy!

  5. Nakina… I am so so sorry for your loss. What a sweet baby! I know all too well how devastating it is to lose a furbaby. My dogs are my children at this point in my life, and to lose your “child” is so hard. I remember having to go through group therapy when I lost my long-haired Chihuahua 8 years ago. I was a complete mess. I couldn’t work or function normally. I thought I was just a big baby and needed to get over it. I realized through therapy that any loss needs time for you to grieve. It takes time to work through the process. It will never be easy to lose a “family member,” regardless of whether they are human. Take the time to do what you need to do and work through your grief. When you’re ready, we’ll see you thrive.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa!
      You do understand! I’m sorry for your loss as well.
      I’ve never had any children, so Mister Keats really was my baby. I loved being “a mom” to him, and it is a shock to experience life without him. These little kitties are a helpful distraction. I really think Keats had a nudge in helping Derek to find them.
      I look forward to the time I thrive. I am so glad for your confidence that I will and your understanding that it will take time.
      Many thanks for sharing and your kind words,

  6. Nakina,
    Very sorry for your loss. Fur babies are family also and we love them dearly. I hope the kittens will help you heal a little. Good luck with your Facebook Lead ads.
    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thank you, Sherri!
      The kittens are helping me heal. They keep me smiling and laughing!
      Thank you for your well wishes!
      I’m a little shocked by all that I need to learn in my six-week lead ads class. Each week is a different stage in the set-up process, and it’s moving very fast. I think, how am I going to keep up? Can I do this?
      So far, so good. We meet the expectations set for us, don’t we!
      And we had a wonderful anniversary. Thank you!

  7. I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of Mister Keats. Losing a beloved pet is never easy, and, understandably, it would hit you especially hard this week, especially with the addition of caring for the kittens.

    Healing takes time so taking the time you need to heal is important.

    Congratulations on taking steps forward with your Facebook Lead Ads class and creating your own lead magnet!

    I am excited to hear about your experiences with it.

    Filming your first YouTube video is fantastic— editing can take time, so be sure to give yourself time as you work on it.

    Taking a break for the weekend to focus on healing and celebrating your anniversary sounds like a wonderful idea.

    Wishing you all the best in the coming week as you continue to work through your grief and pursue your goals.

    Sending you lots of love and support.

    1. Thank you so much, Eleanor!
      I appreciate your understanding.
      I’m really enjoying the Facebook Lead Ads course.
      I’m impressed with what I’ve accomplished so far and look forward to sharing the details. I’m shocking myself with how professional my lead magnet looks and feel good about my email sequence.
      This week is going much better. It’s still hard, but the kittens are helping, and I’m able to do much better.
      Your compassion means so much. Thank you!

  8. Nakina,

    Sometimes we just need to take a break and deal with the things life throughs at us.

    I am sorry about the loss. I know I have lost a few animals and it leaves a void when they pass.

    I hope your anniversary went well.

    Congrats on your FB class successes!

    1. CJ, You’re right!
      Sometimes, we just need to take a break and deal with the hard things that happen. As much as we like to push through, it is good to pause sometimes.

      I appreciate your kindness, CJ. Your condolences mean a lot.

      Our anniversary was great! Derek was planning to take me to dinner, but instead, I chose breakfast. LOL! I’ve been craving biscuits and gravy, and there’s a local cafe that does that well.

      Thank you for your excitement about the FB Lead Ads class. I am super excited as well. It’s progressing, and I’ll be sharing what I’m learning soon.
      All the best to you!

  9. Nakina, I’m sorry to hear about Mister Keats passing away. Losing a beloved pet can be really tough, especially when you’re still adjusting to their absence. Taking time to grieve and be in nature sounds like a good way to heal. Congrats on your anniversary! Enjoy your weekend with Derek and take all the time you need to process your feelings. Wishing you a peaceful week ahead. thanks, Atif

    1. Thank you for your understanding, Atif!
      I didn’t get a chance to do so much, but I’m getting back into the swing of things. I’m still soaking up springtime! Our backyard is blooming, the birds are singing, and the puddles are so deep!
      Thanks for the anniversary wishes! I don’t often get a full weekend with Derek, so it was great.
      It has been a better week.
      Thank you again,

  10. Hi Nakina!
    I’m so sorry to hear about Mister Keats. 🐾❤️Dogs make up so much of the family dynamic and find a steady, comforting place in our hearts. Having lost a few in my lifetime, I truly feel the emotions that you are going through.
    🌹Take time to grieve. ❤️Take time for yourself. 🎉Take time to celebrate your anniversary!
    The nice thing about affiliate marketing is that we can take the time when we need it most without hesitations!
    See you on social media!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Thanks, Milissa! Time is a gift we should give ourselves, too, huh? You are right about affiliate marketing. I am so glad it can wait when needed. It can be put on hold, and I will pick up right where I left off. No harm done!
      You are so kind! I appreciate your condolences.

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