The ABCs of Affiliate Marketing

The ABCs of Affiliate Marketing

Good morning!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

This Saturday, I’m trying out a new chicken and dumplings recipe for my husband’s family. I am so excited to try it!

This weekend’s post discusses common terminology used in affiliate marketing circles. The defined words are in bold.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketer is a middleman between a product creator and his customers. We do free marketing for a product and, in return, earn a commission when a customer makes a purchase.

The merchant knows to pay the affiliate marketer because the marketer uses an affiliate link. The link to the product has a unique code attached to that marketer. The customer doesn’t usually see the code, but it is in the link to the product.


A Four-Step System

Four essential actions in affiliate marketing work together to build your business system: attracting traffic, capturing emails, following up, and making offers.

  1. Traffic: Traffic refers to the customers the affiliate attracts to their products. The marketer’s job is to get in front of the traffic and direct them to her site. People are already interested in the marketer’s affiliate products or niche, so the marketer attracts people interested in that niche to their site.
  2. Capturing emails: Once there, the goal is to get potential customers’ emails. You do this by giving the traffic something of value, a lead magnet, in exchange for their email. When they opt in, they get a lead magnet, the free product you offer.

Your content will be however you decide to speak with your audience. It could be through a blog, social media, forums, podcasts, your lead magnet, etc.

The term value in affiliate marketing refers not to what makes you money but to what you give your audience that helps them.

The values of the marketer will shine through to their audience via the value in the content they create.

This unique connection between the marketer and their audience will determine the marketer’s success.

It is essential to be genuine with your audience. This is your superpower. It makes you unique in the crowd and gives you a special connection to your audience.

When your audience trusts and likes you, they will be willing to purchase based on your recommendations.



3. Follow-up is the term for writing emails to your subscribers. Your subscribers are the people who have signed up for your emails.

Emails can be written spontaneously as often as each day. These are called broadcast emails.

You can also write an email campaign using your autoresponder. An email campaign is a pre-written set of emails automated to go out at specific times. Examples are welcome messages, confirmations, and follow-up emails. These can previously be set up so they don’t require manual writing from the sender each time they are needed.


4. Making offers is the phrase for your sales pitch. It needs to be almost an afterthought. It comes after you’ve given value to the audience you’ve found.

Your priority must be to give, give, and give to your audience. Each day, your goal is to wonder what you can tell your audience that will help them today. Then deliver.

Remember, these people are just like you. So, when you offer something they can buy, be sure you do so in a way that you would respond to positively.

Never push, push, push an offer in a spammy way. Only offer after giving value and explaining why that offer can benefit your audience.

Offers can be sent via email, banners, and links on social media platforms.



Many people wonder if affiliate marketing will work for them. This mindset needs to be corrected. Mindset is a word that gets bandied about quite a bit in our world. It’s the impetus behind any entrepreneur’s success.

Affiliate marketing is a proven business model. It’s a given that you will succeed if you focus on the right tasks and get good at them. Other people do it, and so can you.

It’s important to have a growth mindset, which is a perspective on learning and perfecting.

A growth mindset is a belief that one’s abilities and intelligence can be developed and improved over time through hard work, perseverance, and learning from failures. People with a growth mindset see challenges as opportunities for growth and are fearless in taking on new tasks or pushing themselves outside their comfort zones.

A growth mindset can lead to greater resilience, motivation, and success. It allows individuals to approach obstacles positively and be willing to learn from their mistakes rather than seeing them as insurmountable barriers.

You will also need a mentor. You may learn what to do, but perfecting that is key. A mentor can help you do that and quicken your progress.

Direct from Dean

So, last week, I asked my mentor, Dean Holland, to review a few of my blog posts and let me know how he thought I was doing. The goal is to share everything I’m learning and improving, and I wanted his perspective on how well I was doing that. He sent me an email:

My feedback is simple – You’re doing GREAT!!

I love all that you’re doing and focusing on as per your message here… And your blog is packed with such value.

As I always say, your blog is your place to share, to document…. All that you’re learning, doing, experiencing, feeling etc… anything you want!

And you’re really doing that so it’s fantastic
Keep up the great work!

This week, I’ll let him know I’ve caught up through week 7 in our Affiliate System training. There have been thirteen weeks so far, so I have a way to go. I haven’t thought of any questions for him yet, but I’m considering them. As he urged us, I will give him an update each week.

Also, I learned how vital Thursday is in my blogging routine. I’ve set Thursday and Friday aside to write my blog.

This Thursday, I didn’t want to get started. I wrote a rough sketch and an outline. I flushed it out a bit, but it was very rough. It felt like an extra day, so I took it easy.

Well, on Friday, I felt the pressure. I worked and didn’t finish. Friday night came along, and I continued but didn’t finish.

Along comes 1:45 AM Saturday and I was awake and unable to go back to sleep. I felt the pressure to finish but couldn’t think clearly enough to feel like I’d done my best.

Lesson learned: Thursday will set the tone for my blogging that week. I will take it seriously.

I’ve done my best this week, but it’s not what I’m happy with. But, as Dean advised last week, I will keep going. I need to take fast, imperfect action. Aiming for perfection will keep me from moving forward.


What lessons did you learn in your business this week?

However imperfect, I hope you found value in having these standard terms defined. Did I miss any common affiliate marketing terminology?

Are you surprised that a successful affiliate marketer’s purpose can’t be based on making money but on giving value?

Please leave a comment and share my post on social media.

And most importantly, please sign up to be one of my accountability partners. I’d love to touch base with you during the week!

If you’d like to know more about the affiliate marketing business model, check out this book, which I highly recommend.

Ciao for now,


40 thoughts on “The ABCs of Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Good topic, ABCs, in fact I once did a whole tiktok series taking the alphabet one letter at a time and covering an affiliate marketing term for each.

    Will you cover more letters in the weeks to come?

    IT must be great to get such encouraging feedback from your mentor, well done.

    1. Hi Nakina,
      I think you’ve pretty much got it covered. That’s a great guide for anyone new to the game. I particularly like the concept of give, give, give value to your audience and not push, push, push your products. Well done.
      Andy Jacobs recently posted…Is It Really Me?My Profile

    2. It was pretty great, Tony! It made me feel good to get such positive feedback!

      That sounds like a fun TikTok!

      I wasn’t planning on doing more letters, just the basic words and phrases. But, I really like the idea of actually trying to do every letter of the alphabet.

      Thanks for the idea!

  2. My big win this week was making my 200th You Tube video. I’ve decided to use my channel for changing the world. How, you ask? Perhaps by changing mindsets about aging, and ageism, and everything in between!! We seniors need a good income stream, and affiliate marketing, especially Dean’s system, is a good foundation for all else we undertake!

    1. Congratulations, Kate! That is a victory!

      I wish you the best in your goal!

      I want to help people who aren’t in great health make much-needed money online. Being able to support ourselves is a big part of being able to take care of ourselves. I hope having a steady income stream will help people who are not in the best of health be more at peace and a bit more glad.

      We sound like we’re aiming for similar goals – adding value and gladness to a time that is usually thought of as less.

      Here’s to both of us!

  3. Nakina,
    Great breakdown on affiliate marketing and the four step system. I wholeheartedly agree that growth mindset is important for success. Like you I will set aside one day to write my outline for my blog, and build on it the next few days. It will take me sometimes 4 days to complete my blog but that strategy seems to work best for me.

    1. Hi, Sherri!
      Thank you!
      I’m glad it can take four days to write your blog. I think I should make it an ongoing thing. And work on it a bit over a long time.

      My concern is I write my blog based on what I do on the first of the week. I’ll consider my topic today and start writing my rough draft early.

      It may be okay to do imperfect action, but I still want to do my best. Some tweaking to my plan may be in order 🙂

      Thanks for the peace of mind!

  4. Nakina, It’s certainly valuable to see someone laying out all the terms of affiliate marketing and from a personal perspective. And your featured image – like who uses a dictionary let alone a pencil these days!

    I hear ya on the blog slow down this week. For me, I had too many ideas and I had to choose from a set of three drafts I had started on.

    I too am learning to rely on the advice that Dean can provide to me.

    Keep up the great work blogging.
    Robert Klein recently posted…Facebook Ads – Payment ThresholdMy Profile

    1. That’s true, Robert! I picked that picture because it looks like the dictionary I had as a kid! Lol!

      I sometimes wonder if I should have multiple blog posts per week.

      Sometimes, I learn so much that it can be hard to pin it down to one post.

      I may have to start doing that along the way.

      Thank you for the encouragement!

  5. It’s great to see the detailed breakdown of affiliate marketing terms in your post! The concept of mindset and the impact it has on success is so crucial, and your personal reflections add a relatable touch. It can be challenging for me to keep up with blogging weekly, blog hopping, and posting social media content. I have scheduled time each week for each task and have a checklist to help me prioritize. Somehow, it all gets done – maybe a little sleep gets sacrificed (lol).

    1. Right, Alison!
      Sleep? Lol! I’ve been regularly waking up in the wee hours of the morning. It’s 3:30 now. I can’t sleep because there is so much work to do. Either way, I’ll be tired in the morning, so I get up and get some work done.

      I guess that’s starting a business!
      Here’s to us in the beginning stages!

  6. Hi Nakina,
    I really enjoyed your blog post today! You gave a lot of great insight on a lot of different things. It’s so hard to take what Dean says about being yourself in your blog post. Sometimes I have a hard time doing that as well. You did great though! You were completely honest in your post today. I look forward to your next post.
    Meredith Moore recently posted…Acknowledging And Celebrating Our AccomplishmentsMy Profile

    1. Hi, Meredith!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

      I imagine I’m talking to my best friends when I write, and I hope that comes across.

      Someone along the way, mentioned the people we attract to our blogs are similar to us. They’ve either considered starting affiliate marketing, have just started, or are a bit further ahead. So, we have so much in common!

      We’ll wind up actually being friends if we persist.
      So, that’s where I start. I hope that helps!

      Thank you for your encouragement!

  7. Hi Nakina

    You are doing a great job. Sooo much value.. And I too have decided to do my blogs/posts on Thursday. Today I started back on track. It was a quick post. I have had a rough 2 weeks, but thankfully I’m back where I need to be and reading all these posts absolutely helps.

    Thanks Sandy

  8. Hey Nakina,

    I love how transparent your posts are. What a great way to stay accountable to yourself. Kudos to you for reaching out to Dean and asking him for feedback. I need to do that. I’m one of those people who have a tough time asking for help, but I think it’s necessary, and because of you, I will ask him his thoughts on my blog. Thank you for another great blog post, and I look forward to next week’s post!

    1. Hi, Vanessa!

      Thank you for your feedback! I’m happy you’re enjoying my blog.

      It can be hard to ask for help. I’m always timid when it comes to hearing the feedback. Lol! It’s funny!

      Sometimes, I wait for my husband to come home, and we read/listen to it together because so often it isn’t live help.

      But, through Internet Profits, I’ve always had positive encouragement even when there’s a lot to improve.

      I look forward to checking out your blog this week!

  9. Hi Nakina,
    Your blog has a lot of information that is easy to understand and very well written. You are making good progress and your mindset is quite good too.
    I just love the section where you ask for feedback from Dean and what he said to you must make you feel proud!
    Looking forward to your next blog.

    1. It did make me feel very glad, Regina!

      I’m so glad to hear the blog flowed and was easy to understand. I couldn’t quite get in the flow this week; I wasn’t sure if it would be easy to understand. So, I’m relieved to hear that!

      Thank you so much!

  10. Great entry Nakina,
    Like others who commented, I totally love how you’ve broken down the information in specific paragraphs – so easy to read as well.
    Asking for direction / advice from Dean can seem daunting and yet, so rewarding at the same time!
    Looking forward to your future entries; a lot of great information coming down the pipe that’s for sure!
    All the best!

  11. Your “fast imperfect action” looks pretty good to me. This blog post is packed with valuable information. If you don’t me giving some feedback – which might save you some stress on a late Friday night when you’re trying to finish up the blog – you probably could have split this into 2 or more different blog posts. Affiliate marketing, the four core areas, mindset, those could have each been their own.

    So it’s not that I’m saying you’re doing anything bad, I’m saying you could reduce the amount of information and work you feel needs to go into each post.

  12. response

    Hello Nakina,

    Thank you for sharing your delightful weekend plans and your comprehensive guide to affiliate marketing terminology.

    Your four-step methodology in affiliate marketing, from attracting traffic to making offers, offers a clear pathway for building a successful business model.

    You emphasize the importance of providing value to your audience and fostering genuine connections, which is the essence of affiliate marketing.

    Your discussion on mindset highlights the importance of cultivating a growth mindset and seeking guidance from inspirational mentors like Dean Holland.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Mistakes You Never Want To MakeMy Profile

    1. Nakina, thanks for your post I think there are a lot of us that have the same problems with writing our posts. I sometimes feel like I need to prepare a month’s worth at a time to keep from bouncing all over the place with ideas. Anyway I guess I never thought so much about the offering value so much until I saw you write it three times. the third one was the clincher

      1. Lol, Ken! That made me laugh!

        I guess I was repetitive, but I really believe we can’t be successful without genuinely being ourselves and offering help to our audience in whatever form our niche takes.

        Lol! I’m glad you made me laugh. I hope you did, too!

    2. Thank you, Eleanor!
      The chicken and dumplings turned out great! I think everybody ate three bowls full!

      To be clear, it’s not my four-step method. I can’t take credit for that brilliance 🙂

      It’s Dean’s description of how an affiliate business system can be used. It was what made me decide to start my business, however, so I talk about it a lot! It’s a simple way to think of the affiliate business and very actionable.

      Thanks for the comment. I hope you have a great week—maybe you will get some painting in!

  13. What an informative post! It breaks down affiliate marketing into easy-to-understand steps. From attracting traffic to making offers, each aspect is explained clearly. The emphasis on providing value to your audience is key, highlighting the importance of genuine connections. The mention of mindset is also crucial – having a growth mindset and a mentor can make a big difference. Overall, it’s a great guide for anyone interested in affiliate marketing! 🌟📚

    1. Thanks, Sasha!
      Such good news! I shouldn’t have been worried – the post seems clear to everyone.

      Those genuine connections are what’s important and what makes the business fun. I like interacting with everybody via my blog.

      I’m looking forward to starting my video traffic strategy soon and interacting with people that way, too.

      I appreciate your comments!

  14. A very clear and concise post, Nakna. It’s well laid out and it is very easy to read. It would be a good introductory post for newcomers to Affiliate Marketing to read. Remember that soon, we will be hoping that people outside our “Saturday Share” bubble will be reading our blog posts, so my previous comments can only be a good thing. As is my want, I try to find something in all blog posts about which I can make constructive criticism. This time it is the color of your bold blue headings. You have included several links in your blog, which is a good thing, include as many as you can, but links automatically are displayed in unbolded blue. When I saw your first bold blue heading I tried to click on it. So, if you want your headings to be in a different color, I would choose anything but blue. I would suggest green.

    Phil Ramage recently posted…Using Google, ChatGPT, And YouTube, To Find Answers To Many Of Your ProblemsMy Profile

  15. Ohhhh, this is so good and value packed. Trying to explain Affiliate Marketing is always a challenge, but you broke it down in easy-to-understand chunks. And yes, mindset is so key to making this business work. Keep up the great blog posts. I am becoming a loyal and happy follower!
    Ernie recently posted…StaircasesMy Profile

  16. Nakina, that was a really good blog thank you. I like how you broke it down into the four core areas is of focus which makes it very clear for any new people reading around affiliate marketing is. I really like the part where you got feedback from Dean that was a nice touch. It’s always reassuring. Getting positive feedback from your mentor to build your confidence and know what you’re doing is right. Also the mindset part is so important that really needs to be the biggest understanding for anybody wishing to start affiliate marketing because without that nothing works. Well done. Talk soon thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…100 days 18 mins – With a challenge for youMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Atif!

      I’m glad you found my description of affiliate marketing helpful and informative.

      The four key areas are important to me because they inspired me to start my journey. The simplified description of what it takes to do affiliate marketing is what sold me on the business model, so I hope to inspire others to check it out as well!

      Have a fabulous week, Atif!

  17. Nakina,
    this blog post brilliantly lays out the fundamental steps essential for success in affiliate marketing. The emphasis on attracting traffic, capturing emails, following up, and making genuine offers truly resonates with the core principles of building a sustainable business system. The reminder to prioritize value and authenticity in all interactions with the audience is a golden nugget of wisdom that can’t be overstated. And the personal reflections shared, especially regarding the importance of mindset and the valuable mentorship insights from Dean Holland, add a relatable touch to the journey of growth and learning. It’s a refreshing read that not only educates but also inspires to embrace imperfection and keep pushing forward. Looking forward to more insightful updates!

    1. Thanks for reading and taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment, CJ!

      I’m glad you found my post both informative and inspiring.
      That’s just what I’d like to be.

      Have a great week in your business, SJ & CJ!

    1. Hi, Milissa!
      I’m so glad to hear you find my blog easy on the eyes. That’s important feedback 🙂

      Thanks for the encouragement, Milissa!
      I’ll keep it up and see you next week!

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