This Week Is Like a Box of Chocolates

This Week Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Hello, all! Welcome to my blog! Thank you for visiting this week.

Forrest Gump’s momma told him life is like a box of chocolates. I have learned so many lessons of such variety this week; I thought of Forrest’s saying.  So I thought I’d present each point I’ve learned as an individual, delicious chocolate.

One, I need to promote my blog across as many social media platforms as possible. I planned only to use Quora to attract traffic to my blog. I re-watched my training on blogging and realized I needed to do more. There’s no need to wait to share my blog with more people. The problem is I’m not much of a social media user. This week, I asked my mentors, “Do I need to make friends across all these platforms?” I’ll hear the answer to that one tomorrow. I submit a question, for example, on a Thursday, and it’s answered live on Friday. Due to my day job, I can’t attend the live sessions, so I get the answer the next day. In this case, it will be Monday. I expect the answer will be yes. I will need to incorporate spending time on social media into my work strategy.


That brings me to my next tasty bit! I learned I like submitting questions to my mentors because I enjoy getting the answers. This week I asked some questions that didn’t have me stuck, just vague, foggy notions I needed clarification on. It turns out I feel relieved to get these out of my mind! I didn’t realize they were taking up space in my thinking. Also, I like the encouragement. I find myself talking to the video as if we’re having a current conversation. “Oh, that makes sense!” “Yes, I can do that.” “Oh, all right. Thank you!”  I think I will ask general questions rather than thinking I will eventually figure out the answers in time.


I’m also learning a blog-hopping strategy. Something daunting about the prospect is I imagine I’ll have trouble finding blogs to visit and wander aimlessly around the internet. That’s probably a ridiculous fear! But I’ll be frank with you. I have yet to read many blogs. I’ve come across those I’ve read because I bought a product. I’ve never looked for any blogs. Now, I’ve googled a list of popular affiliate marketing blogs. I plan to visit those this week. I’ll share my progress with you next Sunday. Once I venture into the unknown, I expect to find my footing and meet many people.




On another note, I realized Sunday is probably the best day to post my blog. Last week I didn’t post; I had a terrible migraine.  If I have any difficulty in the future, I think I can use the weekend to put my post together. The goal is consistency!



Branding. I asked the team this week if I had branded myself successfully. The phrase I’d like to put on my blog logo is “Sharing Success in Online Marketing.” (I learned I must upgrade my blog to allow a logo.) Of course, I still need to succeed financially, but my blog shows that I’m a beginner. I am confident I will succeed because I’m attempting this enterprise with others. I have Dean Holland and the team at Internet Profits to guide me each step of the way. Though I haven’t made a dollar, I’ve come a long way. At the beginning of January, I needed help understanding affiliate marketing. I would never have thought I’d start a blog. I didn’t have much of a presence on social media. I would have liked to know then what I know now. I’ll be able to help anyone a few steps behind me.


I did a small thing this week that will help my productivity. I improved my workspace. I moved my computer into a less cluttered room. I feel more comfortable and less claustrophobic in front of the window. My dog can sit on the couch behind me while I’m working. Previously, he’d sit at my feet and cry. I’m sharing this because I’m so surprised at how much it helped. I realized if anything is holding me back, I can fix it. I remember my first year of teaching; my principal told me I controlled the atmosphere in my classroom. I told him I didn’t believe him. The kids were emotional. They didn’t necessarily want to learn the topic of the day. Someone might be in a lousy mood and disruptive—et cetera. But I tried out his idea as if it were true. It turns out he was right. I realize I can embrace this attitude and sort of superpower with my business. If something’s uncomfortable, I can make it better. It started with improving my workspace. I will embrace the idea and see how far I can carry it into other areas. After all, in this space, I am my boss.


I saved my favorite type of truffle for last. I’m learning to take my uncertainty and turn it into a sense of excitement. It’s a subtle transition. As confident as I am, I sometimes am reluctant to work on my business. I’ve noticed the bit of unsurety I feel can quickly shift into excitement and hope. But it takes a bit of a trick. A friend says, “There’s a trick to everything. When something’s too hard, you have to figure out the trick.” The trick is: I need to take a moment and reframe my imagination when I get stuck. After all, I’m doing something unlike anything I’ve done before. And I haven’t been able to support myself with a substantial income since I’ve become disabled. The idea that I can help myself now is so surprising and exciting that it can get overwhelming. I’m learning to welcome that sensation as hope rather than fear of how will it work out. During the two hours a day I’ve set aside for my business, I give my work my best shot with my best hopes. I tell myself, “I’m free to feel uncomfortable later. Now, I’m excited.” Of course, after I’ve met my goals, I feel glad. So, it’s working out well.

In the coming week, I aim to finish setting up accounts across various social platforms, share my blog on them, and try my hand at blog hopping.

I am excited to share my progress with you next Sunday.

Please share with me. What are your favorite blogs to visit? How do you encourage yourself in your business?

I am excited to meet you.

Ciao for now!


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