Using AWeber to Set Up an Opt-In and Lead Magnet

Using AWeber to Set Up an Opt-In and Lead Magnet

Happy Sunday! Thanks for joining me.

Fabulous news!

My opt-in and lead magnet is operational!

As I expected, the solution to my confusion was simple. (I was just using the wrong link for my lead magnet.) I hope I can save you time and a headache by sharing how I set mine up correctly.

The Steps

1.The first steps are to sign up for AWeber and to integrate AWeber and WordPress. I shared that with you last week.

2. Sign in to your AWeber account.

3. Once logged in, click on the “List” you want to use. The email lists you’ve made show up under the AWeber logo in the top left corner of the page.

For example, I’ve got four lists. One is a general list, and the others are related to the product I’m promoting. One is if they’ve clicked on my lead magnet, the second is if someone has added the Iceberg Effect to their cart, and the third is if they’ve bought it.

Once you’ve chosen the email list you want people to sign up for with your lead magnet, click on the dropdown menu next to “Pages & Forms.”  Click on “Sign Up Forms.”

4. Click the blue “Create a Sign-Up Form” button on the right side of the page. Choose whether to create a sign-up form “On a Landing Page” or “For My Website.” In this instance, I did “For My Website.”

5. Next, choose a template. Click the blue button to “Load Template.”

6. Customize your form by changing the colors, fonts, and layout to match your branding: logo, colors, etc.

7. Edit the form fields to collect the information you want from your subscribers. Typically, you’ll need at least an email address, but you can add additional fields like name, phone number, etc. Feel free to click around. You can’t break it. Everything you can click on, you can also delete. Give yourself time to “play with it” the first time.

8. Click “Save Your Form.” Then, click “Go To Step 2.”

9. Name your form under “Form Name.” Change the drop-down box under the Thank you Page to “Custom Page.” Do the same under the “Already Subscribed Page.” I put the link to my video in both boxes.  Advanced Settings is for ad tracking.

10. Click “Save Your Form.” Then, click “Go To Step 3.” You’re done with AWeber for now.

11. From your WordPress, go to Widgets and drag AWeber to where you would like it to appear. Click the drop-down boxes to name your email list and the name of your opt-in form.

12. Now, it’s time just to test your form and see if it works correctly.


I hope these step-by-step instructions remove some of the uncertainty of setting up your first opt-in form. It looks like many steps, but it is straightforward once you plunge into it.

I’m excited that you can now sign up to see Dean’s free video. In it, he explains the four steps of affiliate marketing. You might say, “What? Affiliate marketing is a lot more complicated than four steps!” I highly recommend watching the video to see how Dean rethinks affiliate marketing and gives a simple, structured plan to follow for success, no matter your products. His succinct plan convinced me I can be successful in this business.

I can now also send you updates whenever I post my blog.

Thanks for joining me on my path to success.

My next step is to set up a landing page for use with my Quora profile. It will be easier now that I have some experience with the opt-in. I look forward to sharing my progress with you next week!

Please reach out to me if you have any trouble with your opt-in. I’d be glad to help. Please comment and let me know if I missed a step. I think I got them all in there, but I wrote them down after the fact. Please let me know if I overlooked a detail.

Good luck to you in the next week!

Ciao for now,




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