Who Am I & Why Do I Do This?

Who Am I & Why Do I Do This?


I realize I’ve never properly introduced myself and my goals in a post, so I want to do that today.

General description: I’m a wife, I’m mom to a Boxer dog- if you know Boxers, you know they act more like children than pets!

I was a middle school English teacher when my health became wacky. I had a really bad year. It took a few years to be properly diagnosed, but it turns out I’m not able to hold the standard 9-5 job.

I currently work with a company that helps disabled people work from home. It’s a call center environment- I really don’t like people yelling at me!

I work there because I like being able to hold a job, even if it is just part-time. It makes me feel better to have a job.

How I Learned About Affiliate Marketing

My husband first came across affiliate marketing. I wasn’t completely on board with it because I couldn’t understand what it was. I got the idea that he was recommending products and earning a commission, but depending on what he was promoting, he was doing lots of different tasks. He was buying a lot of stuff, had monthly subscriptions, and wasn’t making any money.

He wanted to order Dean Holland’s book, The Iceberg Effect. And even though you only pay for the shipping and handling, I was like, “Oh no, Not another thing!” It was another item to buy, and my husband isn’t a reader.

But I saw this video regarding Dean’s description of affiliate marketing, and the business model made sense for the first time! More on that tomorrow.

Then I found out you get immediate access to the audiobook when you order the hard copy, and I thought I wanted to listen to that! And I knew my husband would listen to it, no problem.

So, we ordered the book. I listened to the audiobook twice before the hard copy came!

I was really impressed with the content and that Dean wasn’t trying to sell anything within the book.

The book is about how to make affiliate marketing work from a beginner level to a full-time income and beyond. That’s it.

I liked that. It’s what I needed. I appreciated that it wasn’t full of hype and it’s not a get rich quick scheme.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how Dean became my mentor.

My Goals

I began because I wanted to have a more secure financial future. Being unable to work a career, I cannot help out much. We want to buy a house, have a plan for when we get old, etc.

In May, I lost my mother-in-law, and the reason I’m doing this changed. Sure, financially, we need to do something to be better off. But really, I want my husband to be able to quit his job, and we’ll work from home together.

I realize how precious and limited my time with him is. I hope to have 60 more years with him-that would make me 107! But I realize I could have that precious weekend time with him all the time, and I want that. I’m going to work hard to make that come true.

Meanwhile, we’ve got a ’96 Camaro that needs a new engine and a paint job. We’ll help family out. We need a yard full of boxers! I’d love to become a great cook. I like hot and sour soup and I’ll be able to buy the fancy mushrooms. I’ll become a gardener with so many rose bushes and a budget to water them in the Texas heat!

But really, my “why” comes down to family time.

That’s me.

I look forward to sharing my business model and where I got the belief I could do such a thing tomorrow.

Ciao for now,

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