Why Did I Take the Plunge?

Why Did I Take The Plunge?

You may ask why I dived deep into affiliate marketing when I didn’t know how to swim.

That’s a good question. My husband has been trying to make money through affiliate marketing since July 2022. I thought it was most likely a scam. How could he make money doing so very little work? He signed up with different programs and had mentoring sessions with a few people but was stuck. He had a question about some points but couldn’t get clear answers. Other programs would help him to a point and then ask for more money. Finally, he started talking about a book he wanted to read called The Iceberg Effect.

I thought, “Oh, no! Not another thing!” Other than shipping and handling, it was free, and you got immediate access to the free audiobook (my husband doesn’t usually read, so this was beneficial). In addition, he had heard Dean had a twelve-week course to get you up and running in your business with help every step of the way as needed. I said, “If that’s true, I’ll do it.” I only work part-time, so I have much more free time. So, I immediately listened to the audiobook. It took me by surprise.

Dean wasn’t trying to sell anything in the book. He outlined a general plan of what an affiliate marketer needs to work on each day. He wrote it would take work and consistency. This sounded good to me. There was a clear description of the job and it wasn’t a get-rich-quick scheme.

After listening to the audiobook and the master classes that came along with it, I trusted Dean and his team to teach me the basics.

This week, I set up my Quora account. I learned where to place my blog link in my Quora profile. My goal in the coming week is to get traffic to my blog by answering Quora questions.

How did you get sold on the idea of affiliate marketing? How did you, or have you, found a clear path to follow? If you’re interested in The Iceberg Effect, just click the link. I do recommend it. It gave me direction.

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