Why Would Anyone Listen to Me?

Why Would Anyone Listen to Me?

Where Have I Been?

If you’ve been following me, you know my health problems are the reason I began looking for ways to make money online.

I had a tough time, and now I am back.

This is a particularly apt topic for today, as I have had difficulty returning to my business since  I had such a long time away.

Why would or should someone listen to me?

I hope you find a helpful answer in this post.

As a recap, I was reviewing what Dean shared with us certified partners at Internet Profits. He is reviewing how he would start his business today if starting from scratch.

This topic is important because how do you offer something to an audience, when you are starting at the very beginning? Where does your authority come from?

You Have A Lot to Offer

You have a lot to give as an affiliate marketer. Even if you haven’t made money online, you are learning how NOT to make money online.

All you have to be is one step ahead of your audience.

Don’t listen to doubt.

You’re probably getting flak from the people around you watching you try to start an online business. People around you don’t believe in you because they don’t know what you know. Initially, we don’t have results to prove affiliate marketing is real. Since most people aren’t familiar with the business model, we are at the front of something most people haven’t discovered yet.

You’re there first and can show people around as they arrive.

In the beginning, we put so much emphasis on the money aspect of the business that we overlook all the skills we’ve learned that we can share.

Consider how much you will necessarily learn before you ever make a dollar.

I remember how lost I was, not even knowing where to begin. Now I have a business system, a website, months spent getting traffic from Quora, etc.

Of course, beginning affiliate marketers have much to share with other affiliate marketers.

You Might be Wondering…

What if affiliate marketing is not precisely my niche?

What if you are promoting sports, home, or hobby products?

I expect at some point, I will also promote a different niche’s products that have nothing to do with affiliate marketing.

In the beginning, I decided to share how to do affiliate marketing as I learn and become successful in the process.

Why not? The two go hand in hand.

I’m beginning by sharing The Iceberg Effect, which is what got me started in the right direction. As I progress, I’ll share other company’s products that I use as an affiliate marketer: AWeber, etc.

When I become good at the four core areas (getting traffic, capturing emails, making offers, and follow-up), I may branch into another niche.

In the meantime, I can share how to do affiliate marketing as I learn the process.

People will also like to see your business grow as you progress in your particular niche. More on how to incorporate sharing your progress as you grow your business- no matter your niche soon.

Hard Hitting Lessons

Dean made two points:

  1. My desire to “get rich quick” is actually what kept me poor. We must learn and develop the skills that get you rich in the first place.
  2. My desire for it to be easy made it tough.

I don’t know about you guys, but I thought affiliate marketing would be easier.

I’m actually in tears right now. We’re hosting a family get-together, my sister is coming in town, there’s lots to clean and prepare, my day job is tough, and my migraine was too bad yesterday- what will it be like today?

I really thought I’d put a few steps in place, send some emails, answer some questions, and the money would come rolling in.

It turns out you’ve got to get good at it first.

But really, why do I expect it to be easy?

There’s a lot of hype about affiliate marketing being easy: Do this, and you’ll get rich!

Luckily, I found a program where Dean teaches affiliate marketing skills rather than just clicking three buttons and making money.

And I’ll share those lessons with you.

The following days will be exciting (migraine allowing). I’ll be sharing the strategy Dean would use if he had to start all over. It is the strategy I’m working on, and I’m looking forward to passing it along.


The Hard Hitting Lessons part of this blog was written what seems like a long time ago.

The migraine did not allow it! Health got complicated, and then I was ashamed to try to begin again.

But I shall start and do my best moving forward.

Lesson learned: Don’t put it off! All I’ve got to do is act.

Can it be that simple? LOL! Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Ciao for now,




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