Working the Plan

Working the Plan

Good morning! We have reached another Sunday.

I’ve had a good week.

I have simply answered Quora questions. It is nice to have only one thing to do.

I am still waiting to see sales activity. It has been so long since I was focused on traffic I will need to build a presence on Quora again.

I have learned a few things this week. I will share them with you.

Quora Tip

I have found that if I answer Quora questions that have been asked of me in particular, I only get two or three views of those answers.

If I search for affiliate marketing questions, I get 20-50 views of those answers.

So, generally, I search for questions to answer.

However, I have answered the questions of those who directly follow me. You can click on your followers to see who is following you. If one of the group asks me a question, I answer them.

So, at this point, I review who is asking me questions. If I recognize one of the names, I answer their question. Then I search for questions to answer.

Those following me will likely be my audience (Hello, there!). I want to give you my utmost attention, even if it doesn’t lead to reaching others as well.

I realize I should explain something. My husband was appalled when he read the rough draft of my blog. It sounds like I’m ignoring all the other people who have asked me questions.

When you ask a question on Quora, you can choose who you want to answer. But also, you click on people you don’t know to publish your question. I expect those who follow me and ask me a question to want to know my answer, while the others just randomly chose me to answer so they could publish their question.


I must confess I needed help with consistency this week. By the time Friday came along, I did not answer Quora questions that day.

I watched Graham Norton interview clips on Facebook and had a delightful time laughing. I watched Good Omens 2 when I should have been resting and enjoyed myself immensely. Then I went to work.

It was a very strange day. I got sidetracked and stayed there.

Answering questions day after day is not exciting, but consistency is essential. Results will only come if I’m building a daily presence. I know that, but I chose Friday to do something I enjoyed more.

Lesson learned.

The Tidbit Learned

The odd thing about putting content “out there” is that I don’t have any control over what will get a good response. You never know what will get a lot of views.

As I have this week, you can learn what strategies work better than others.

Ultimately, as you sit down at the computer, you don’t know what will be successful.

So, I’ve got to judge my success by my consistency. That’s what I have control over.

I will continue to see what works best. I’ll look at my stats and see what gets the most views and what I did that led to the most views, etc.

But as I work, I must judge my success by consistency AND content creation. The quality of my answers is more important than quantity. But I also need to use my time to answer as many questions as possible.

It is easy to think the two or three questions I answer today won’t make a difference, but that’s not true.


Affiliate marketing requires persistence. I am experiencing the stage where that’s more challenging. Day in, day out, doing the same thing is not exciting and does not see the light, especially in the beginning.

I know the plan will work.

I will trust it and continue with more “Oomph” behind my persistence than last week.

Progress forward!

What advice would you give someone just starting and reaching the point where persistence is key? What do you use for your motivation for your consistency? How do you frame your imagination so that you know what you are doing is essential even when it doesn’t show immediate results?



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