Your Time is Now

Your Time is Now

As promised, this week I’m sharing lessons from Dean Holland’s virtual event he held in our Internet Profits community on October 5th. Its topic is what he would do if he had to start all over from scratch, without a reputation and only with the experience he’s earned over the years.

He started with this lesson: Your Time is Now.

This is how I’d put it in my own words and from my point of view.

Is This a Good Job?

A common Quora question is: Is affiliate marketing still relevant? Does it have a future?

Absolutely, yes!

The world is a bit of a mess. Things are shifting and changing. There’s a lot of uncertainty now more than ever. I can think of three world situations off the top of my head that will take time to unfold before things get better, and that’s the best-case scenario.

Of course, the economy falls apart in these sorts of times. In the US, food is unusually expensive, rents are going up, gasoline … it’s normal for luxuries to go up in price. But currently, the “necessary” stuff is getting more and more expensive. The things you can’t cut back on are too costly.

You might think there’s no chance of growing a business when no one can afford to buy anything.

There are two reasons this type of thinking is wrong:

  1. Not everyone is going through tough times.
  2. People who are in tough times want to improve their situation.

Number one speaks for itself. Let’s look at point two.

People Are Looking To the Internet for Answers

Because of the pandemic alone, people who never used the internet regularly use it.

People have grown accustomed to using it for shopping, email, Zoom calls, etc.

The potential audience of people using the internet has grown innumerably.

Also, the pandemic showed that security can be gone in an instant. Suddenly, people couldn’t go to work, take their kids to school, etc.

People learned to fend for themselves as familiar ways of doing things disappeared.

This mindset shift changed the world. People operate differently than they used to. They are “in the driver’s seat.” If there’s a problem, people naturally go outside their norm to find a solution.

Tough Times

Tough times are not something anybody wants.

But in tough times, people look for unusual solutions. More and more people are looking for help by making money online.

It’s Easier Than Ever

And doing so is easier than ever.

Technology is becoming more and more user-friendly. It’s pretty easy to put a page on the internet. I have a blog, an autoresponder, an opt-in form. I’m not technically savvy, but I figured it out quickly enough.

Also, artificial intelligence is helping people do things easier and faster than before. Where does one come up with content? Have a question that needs answering? Need to send an email? AI can address those needs in moments.

Though AI is a great tool to use, as people rely on AI more and more heavily, those producing original content will stand out from the crowd.

In affiliate marketing, so much of success is based on building your audience. As the competition relies on a computer for its content, those of us who are genuine will stand out. Our appeal will be greater than ever before.

Being Personable

People connect with real people they share something in common with. Putting yourself out there to be seen as you are will be more beneficial than not doing that. AI takes away the human element.

Amongst so much artificial content, affiliate marketers creating their content, being genuine, and sharing from the heart will be like a beacon no matter your niche.

Whether you’re sharing your knowledge of how to succeed in affiliate marketing (and why not do so if you’re doing it?) or promoting products in a different niche, people are looking to the internet more than ever.

The potential audience is out there, and you, just being yourself in an age of AI, will stand out from the crowd.


Why not take a shot?

Affiliate marketing is simply a skill that needs to be learned.

Now is an opportune time to do so.

What do you think? Do you believe it is an excellent time to be an affiliate marketer? Do you think it’s become easier or harder?

Please leave a comment.

Ciao for now,



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